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I have been meaning to put up a picture of my city layout here for a while but never quite got round to it till now so here goes.

Full gallery

I have just linked to the gallery since the pics are quite large. I will need to get some with a lower resolution next time I am home.

As you can see there is a lot going on and due to space constraints it is a bit crowded (as shown by some parts overhanging the edge of the table slightly, unfortunately gravity sometimes takes its toll on parts of the town!) One day I hope to have my own place with space for a much larger layout but for now this is the best I can do although there may be problems when I get the top 3 sets on my current wish list: Market Street, Town Plan and Green Grocer.

I can't wait to hear any comments you guys have.

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Amazing to see how this town of yours seems to balance, hanging a few feet up in the air...

I like the crowded look, but maybe some baseplates/roadplates are nice to add some cohesion. I know.... space, I'm short of it myself :-/ .

Thanks for showing your town!


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Nice to see a new layout!

I really like your port area. The new port mixed with older sets look good.

Your park is nice too.

The only thing that I dislike is the jump section (bewteen the two skycrapers), because I have the giddiness! *wacko* ;-)

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