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[SR - FB2 Dec] The Trial of Sinbad part 2

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2:
Sinbad the Pirate
Hang The Rules
Rescued Shipwright
Shipwright's Office
The Komodo Dragon
"Because They're Pirates!"
Fish Market
The Trial of Sinbad

38276434644_9dc67ebdaf_s.jpg"And I say he's guilty!" responded the lawyer defending Corrington.

25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgJudge, I object. My client has done nothing wrong as his actions have been sanctioned by Corrington's Commander-in-Chief. You see, I have here a notarized statement saying as such:

On 12/7/2017 at 12:57 AM, Bregir said:

To all Sea Rats,

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Annetta of Corrington, recognizes your right to be free, without sovereign...

In service of her Majesty, 

Rear Admiral Fletcher  Commander-in-chief 

Royal Terra Novan Navy

27215134619_8b9facb92e_s.jpgAnd where did you get such a document?

25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgFrom your notary of course.

BoBS Trial of Sinbad part 2
BoBS Trial of Sinbad part 2


27215134619_8b9facb92e_s.jpgAh, I see. Objection sustained.

BoBS Trial of Sinbad part 2

38276434644_9dc67ebdaf_s.jpgBut... but... attacking our ships is just wrong!

27215134619_8b9facb92e_s.jpgUm, well, that's true too. Defendant, how do you respond?

To be continued...

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