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Past weekend I've been searching the web for a Lego display/project... But no succes. :hmpf_bad:

All I can remember of it:
- Pic's weren't hosted on Flickr, but hosted on something else, maybe an own server/page.
- It was a collaboration of various builders in a cyberpunk/futuristic/dystopian city setting.
- Made somewhere between the years 2005-2009, 'cause it was one of the reasons I got into Lego again.
- Similar to Zero Hour on Highway 44 & A Bus Stop In Bucharest in terms of style & looks.

Wondering if any of you guys & gals on Eurobricks might know? :look:

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19 hours ago, mocbuild101 said:

Have you tried looking on Brickshelf?

Well, now that you mention it; I've checked but no cigar. Same as mocpages...

It's really bugging me. :hmpf_bad:

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