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Blast Furnace Complex (WIP)

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I' finally gotten to a stage when I can post a few pictures of a rather large MOC that I have started. It uses and EV3 as well as S-Bricks and will eventually include several more modules (Coke Furnace, Industrial Rail, Coal mine Head-works and Tipple, cooling ponds etc). I am limiting myself to a final 6 x 12 baseplate footprint, 4 standard tables. Currently it is 3 x 5 baseplates.

 The attached pictures show the overall current MOC, (I un wired it for a show, that is why there are wires all over the place:wink:), as well as the Blast Furnace and Pig Iron Machine, Air Furnaces, Blower engine, Primary Dust catcher, Smoke Stack, Bessemer Furnace and overhead Gantry.

The original Idea came from the Sloss mill in Birmingham. The smoke stack has, partially seen, a L and an M which is for the Legonite Mining Company.

Below is the one car I have built so far - a modified thermos car.







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