Welcome to the North Pole!

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Two years ago my little son asked me to build something for Christmas. I only had a few dozens of white bricks and an official winter toy shop set, but tried my best. Everyone in the family loved the small diorama so I decided to build one in every year. Last year it was a generic small winter town with a train, but this time I wanted something else. The new idea was Santa's house at the North Pole! This diorama was exhibited a few times during the autumn so I hid some easter eggs for the visitors - children loved to find them and it was a huge fun for everyone. It is displayed in our living room now and the content changes dinamically - my little daughter rearrange the minifigures every day!









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Nice, my kids move our stuff around all the time too.  Makes it better that they are involved.  Will be sad when they are gone and our WV is more static.

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