Dead eye help needed.

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Can anybody point me to a hopefully tutorial or a good link to making these ... I've seen it done on alot of older posts and I really like the look and want to include this block and tackle on my ship ... He posted pictures of his ship Raven in 2012 so I didn't want to post in such an old thread but pulled part of it out. 

He mentions his are working ... I would love to know how to tie these to make them work. 


Connecting the shrouds to the chains are functional dead eyes made from car wheels. They are a little tedious to string but the end result is fantastic. First as Hawk and now as Raven, this project was started as an experiment to solve a lot of the problem I ran into on Snake, such as tension and counter tension in the rigging. Using these car wheel dead eyes has proven to work remarkable well. Using a pair of tweezers I was able to snug up the shrouds without any trouble



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"He" did indeed do some bit of a tutorial, but it turned out to be a lot more work than it seemed worth. I only ever got so far before I had to stop but you can start here.


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