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[GBW - Lord of War] - Toohati - RAAVing Over This Tank!

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38875562901_53776fb644_c.jpgGBW TNN Reporting


"I am your host Samuel Cook, and tonight on the Toohati News Network, I am joined by Director Avery Eslinger, and we have a special report from the Department of Weapons Acquisition, Research, and Development. The Toohati National Army has finished all phases of development of its latest, and greatest, armored vehicle! The new 'Rapid Assault, Armored Vehicle' is now being deployed across our nation, and we are here to bring you the first photos ever released! Take a look at these!"


27083313839_1e6df15063_c.jpgRapid Assault, Armored Vehicle


38828916602_426ca9b20e_c.jpgRapid Assault, Armored Vehicle


23994794447_c4feb17db4_c.jpgRapid Assault, Armored Vehicle


"Now, Director Eslinger, since you're in the hot seat, I have some questions for you."

"I hope I can answer all of them, much information regarding the Rapid Assault Armored Vehicle, or the RAAV, is still classified."

"I sure hope you can! I like that name: 'RAAV' just sounds right. First of all, how long has the RAAV been in development?"

"It has been in constant development for about three years, but the idea first crossed my desk about 5 years ago. Recent events hastened its research, production, and now, deployment."

"What purpose was it built for? I'm by no means expert, but the RAAV seems smaller than other tanks."

"Yes, it is smaller than other tanks, as it was built specifically for the purpose of engaging in urban warfare, or fighting in tight quarters. Through many advancements in various aspect of technology, we have created a next-generation vehicle which is capable of supporting, transporting, and protecting a group of soldiers in a hostile urban environment. Although the reduced size may seem to reduce effectiveness, it presents a smaller target to any enemy, and allows for improved maneuvering in the tight quarters of city streets, forests, or mountains."

"Excellent. Has the RAAV been tested in a real-life combat situation?"

"Yes, it has, actually. The first four RAAVs manufactured fought in last month's Battle of Carrefour, where they were used to great effect with inserting soldiers to key positions during the attack."

"Alright. There you have it! After Xenor's recent declarations of war, Toohati is pushing back, and pushing hard! Thank you for joining me tonight, Director."


38875569711_52dd9dcc1f_c.jpgGBW TNN Reporting



Some more info and good photos of my RAAV. C&C welcome!

To the judges: I was not sure if this would fall into the "Lord of War" or "Media" side build categories, I think either one would work. If I need to change it, let me know.

 - Leonardo da Bricki

EDIT: I am such a megablocking idiot! @TheBeeze I just added this to my AAR post. Forgive my stupidity... :wall:

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I like your vehicle. Has a lot of similarities with the M1 Abrams but has its own personality. 

The details on the sides to prevent damage caused by old-style HEAT grenades (classic RPGs or old anti-tank missiles) are useful. But I find some bullet traps between the turret and hull, so If you can cover them, the best for the tank crew. Is the barrel a few short? Or is it my impression? I miss grenade launchers and at least a machine gun.

Can you post how tall is it in studs or bricks? Thanks.

Good job!

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Thanks. I loosely based it's shape off the iconic Abrams bc it is easier to replicate, it has a lot fewer angles and no curves. I have worked on eliminating the gaps in an LDD file using new parts I don't actually own yet, which works well. The barrel seems fine to me, but maybe adding a stud or two of length. The way the turret is designed, it is hard to mount such things, especially with the grilles on it. I'll probably add some in the future.

It's approximately 8 bricks tall, not counting the antennae.

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You’ve been awarded (3) points.

Judges’ comments…

Very nicely done. The tank is very well thought out and executed. I like how compact it is but am also curious if it can hold people in the hatches. solid work.    

I really liked the tank views/pics.  I thought the office shots were a little dark.   But great shots of the tank.  You went into depth and explained some of your rationale for the decisions you made in the building process.  Good job.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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Thank you very much judges!

About the office shots, I probably should have used a brighter color than dark bley. But it made a nice pattern for a studio.

Yes, the tank can hold people in the hatches.

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