LDD: New gallery - please read!

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New gallery is up now, it doesn't look like you can upload LXF files to it anymore, just images. The LDD microsite is under a different name ( and all links to the old one redirect to LEGO's homepage or LEGO Life. Also, for some reason, 4 MOCs I made at least four years ago have appeared in it with a posted date of August 2014, a point at which I didn't even have LDD. I have no idea how this is possible.

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New gallery is acting... weird. You can only see titles and descriptions of galleries uploaded with the same language you have currently selected. When I uploaded an image with a language that doesn't correspond to my location, it is not visible in some languages at all. And I can see pictures on a gallery page only if I select English. I see some room for improvements. ;)

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