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Commander Beltar

[SoNE Ep 17.1] Light Cruiser Consolation

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Classification:  Medicinal-Class Light Cruiser

Manufacturer:  Kuat Drive Yards


Constructed in the last two years, Consolation was constructed as a result of to Rebel forces dealing heavy blows to the Empire's finest after the victory on Hoth. Many top Imperial scientists contributed to the technology equipped on board. Due to being one of the Empire’s more pacifistic cruisers, it has stronger defensive capabilities, being equipped with stronger shields and only few turbo-lasers. However, the cruiser is also equipped with a hanger full of Medical TIE Transports and TIEs for escort. With recent orders, it was sent to the far side of the moon of Endor with the rest of the fleet. During the battle that will ensue, it will remain in the rear of the fleet to provide any medical care that will be necessary following the battle, and to deploy it’s fighters to the battlefield.


After the battle over Coruscant in the Skyhook and in the sewers, Beltar’s commanding officer was shot, and decided to transfer to a desk job after recovery. During the battle, two members of the squad were shot and killed by Black Sun mercenaries. The result most of Beltar’s squad being killed or transferred, Beltar fell under non-essential units to be deployed on a Star Destroyer, and thus was transferred to the Consolation as a medical staff member to be deployed on the ground as reinforcements.  Valkyrie Squadron, headed by Alyin, was assigned to the Consolation temporarily, and will take part in the assault on the Rebel’s cruisers after the trap springs.



Imperial Control: Valkyrie squad you are cleared for boarding.

Alyin: Roger that command. Drop off your last patient transport and let’s get going.

Imperial Control: Preparations for Endor are already under way.


Imperial Command: Fighters locked down- Entering hyperspace shortly.









Well, so I missed an episode sadly, but at least the Empire carried out a victory! Anyways, I’ve been insanely busy recently, stressed, etc. etc. So I didn’t really have time to build, and I will admit I went through a mini Lego withdraw over the last couple months and barely touched them. Seeing a new SoNE episode as well as the release of SWBFII got me back into it I guess! So this Light Cruiser, I made because the last episode was focused on ships, and I guess this would have been a possible entry I would have made. I also needed to somehow justify how Beltar will start in this episode, so that’s another reason. Also yes, the hangar actually is in the bottom of the cruiser, it's just I couldn't get it to render it with light even when I took it out, so I had to remove some walls to make light enter. Comments and criticism welcome!


Oh, almost forgot: please judge this freebuild!

Edited by Commander Beltar

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Ooh, a medical Star Destroyer! Now that's quite something! I really like this idea, and the execution is very well done. I especially like the bulkier build on top and the red cross at the bottom, cool stuff! The hangar is cool, but a little on the busy side, visually, with the many reflections on the walls. But that's the renderer, there is not much you can do about that.

Also, I can relate too much to the Lego absence, I've been through the same phase in recent months (the last freebuild I've posted has been put together about three months ago, it only took me until last friday to find the motivation to shoot everything!). I hope it will get better though, as Episode VIII is only about two weeks away and will certainly spark my interest in the franchise again! To be this close to see another Star Wars movie in theaters... damn, it doesn't get much more magical than that!

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Meant to comment on this earlier - I like it!  A medical star destroyer is an interesting idea; similar to the USNS Mercy.

The coloring works well, and I like the red cross on the bottom - it might have been nice to have one on the top as well.  The TIEs hanging in the micro hanger are great.  My main suggestion, if you continue to feature this ship in future builds / storylines, would be to use modified TIE boarding craft as the 'ambulance' ships.  It seems like they'd be more able to hold a patient and medical crew.

Cool idea, though - I'm interested to see where you take it!

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