Cody Startale

[Freebuild: Coruscant] Part XV-I – Hit And Run

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Hello there! As I sat the last episode out, I still have to update my story progress to catch up with the events for the new episode, so I'll make way for that now with the release of this new freebuild and the latest part in my ongoing story about Cody Startale. If you like my comic-style narrative, feel free to plow through my previously released chapters for a sense of continuity:


Episode 0 – The Introduction

Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon

XII-I – Sowing The Seed

Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise

XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary

Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle

Part XIV-I – Welcome To The Rebellion

Episode XV – Top Of The Class

The last time we saw our protagonists, they were entangled in the ferocious sky battle over Coruscant and Prince Xizor's demise seemed mere minutes away...























As you can probably tell, I built the Executor digitally to go along with the build. While not perfect, I still think it turned out recognizable enough for what it is.


Please judge, and C&C is always very welcome. You will probably see that with this episode, even more focus than usual was on photography and storytelling, so let me know how that worked out. :classic:

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Wow, a history with Vader! What has your character gotten himself into!?

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Your Executor looks really good!  I like the small ball-hinge pieces you used for the shield generators, and the overall shape is very recognizable.  Nice bridge interior as well, and I like the intriguing twist your story has taken... (it might also provide an opening for collaboration on a future story line)


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