[WIP] Greyhound - 4WD RC Buggy with BuWizz 2 - Redesigned wheel hubs

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3 hours ago, AFOLegofan66 said:

@Didumos69 that was some teaser...the tension is killing me!!

I spent 6 hours on the instructions today. I'm halfway done. 350 photos sofar.

1 hour ago, kbalage said:

'm sure you mentioned already so sorry for asking again, you make the renders with Stud.io?

Yes, I use Stud.io 2.0.

1 hour ago, pagicence said:

@Didumos69 the link to Stud.io file is the LDraw password protected zip file.

I don't know. I made the LDraw file by exporting it to LDraw in Stud.io. I don't use LDraw myself.

EDIT: I made a few small updates to the files, based on some differences with my real life build.

Edited by Didumos69

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