Need Ideas to finish this Toxic Waste Trailer

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Well,the "build a futuristic Vehicle"-Bug bit me again and i checked i Folder of cool Scifi Artworks for Inspiration.

I found this Artwork of a Toxic Waste Truck with Trailer from the Cartoon Show "Motorcity" and i really liked it,so i gave it a go.


The Truck itself is pretty much done,but i´m having trouble designing the protective Cage for the toxic Waste Tank.


26842489839_02dbb28e17_b.jpgconcept #1

26842492669_2579c4b7a0_b.jpgconcept #3

Maybe one of you Guys have a good Idea.It doesn´t have to look exactly like in the Artwork,just a rugged Rollcage similar to the one in the Artwork would be okay.

38562250906_afc661e3f6_b.jpgconcept #4

I uploaded the lxf File just in Case:

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On 27.11.2017 at 7:11 PM, the imperial reporter said:

Why don't you use technic angled bar pieces? I can never remember the name of them but usually come in several different angles. 

Like this piece[4]

That´s a great Idea actualy...




Ignore all the red or mismatched Colors,those will be fixed in the actual Build.Also those Technic Holes give me a lot of Opportunities to add Stuff to Chains,Signs etc.

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