Sherlock Holmes Lego Minifigure Tutorial

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  • So i thought I'd show how I would make the classic Sherlock Holmes in Lego minifigure form, to go along with my earlier post. Here we go: Fenrir Greyback's hairpiece, Lucius Malfoy's torso, black legs. For the head, 2004 Stanley Shunpike's head is a great fit. I would also add a cloak, preferably black. Naturally, this will need modification, as not everyone has these exact parts. Any ideas?

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Thought Its half based on Cumberbatch, I made a Holmes a while back that I was satisfied with.

He uses the deerstalker, Legolas's head and the same body and legs as the guy furthest from the left. 33338836326_0334c2167c_n.jpgby batalfie, on Flickr

You could also use the detective minifig and if you want to fleshyify it then I'd recommend you use either Shunpike, Kallus or Gibbs headpiece thought I'm sure there are other worthy headpieces, those are just quick suggestions.
Also, when/if they make a dark tan half cape that could work well as a cloak.


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