Lego Made a Mistake With The MineCraft 21115 Set

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I know I normally post stuff on the forums about Lego Technic, but I also enjoy building Lego MineCraft sets as well and connecting them together.

Today, I looked at my The First Night set and noticed something very odd.

I got the set on Christmas Eve 2015, and I never noticed this problem the entire time I had it.

This is Lego's official picture for the set. Focus on the green 2x2 plate with knob above the brown 2x2 brick with the rose on the right of the pig.


When you build the set, the instructions show that there is no green plate below the rose. I don't think there is even a spare piece for it.



I checked the internet and I believe nobody ever noticed this before. I'm perfectly fine with it though, since everyone occasionally makes mistakes.

What do you think? Has anyone here saw this mistake before?

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They occasionally change designs before production and don't update box art correctly.

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