Stephenson's Rocket & LNER J70 MOCS (LDD)

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Hi, I'm new :thumbup:

I realise that LDD MOCS probably aren't everyone's first choice and I myself would much rather see one of these in the flesh than just on a screen but of course the availability of parts, prices and time prevail. We'll start with the less impressive of the two I have to show ;)


That appears to have worked, so fair enough. It's Stephenson's Rocket only it includes the provision for a face should I ever feel compelled to add one. Theoretically it could run on a layout with something pushing it around but I don't trust the rigidity of it at all.


Not entirely happy with the tender because it's so large compared to the engine itself, but it serves.

Now for the one I am actually pleased about, an LNER J70 tram engine.


I'm not ordinarily one to use SNOT techniques because I never used to be able to figure out how to make everything fit properly (and I still haven't, really) hence the use of those parts that go around minifigs' necks with a stud on the back.


I even made a mock up interior for it featuring a boiler and coal bunkers!


As well as sort of an underframe with cylinders


Have to say, I'm very impressed with the outcome and it's far better than anything I'd ever attempted previously. I'm particularly proud of my solution to shaping the cow catcher. As with the Rocket, however, it isn't self-powered so I may begin work on a Wisbech & Upwell tramway coach with power functions.

Thanks for dropping by and let me know what you think :classic:

- Nick

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Welcome to EuroBricks! You've got some lovely models there.

I presume that when you say you've modified the rocket to be able to have a face, you realise that the chimney should originate in front of the smokebox rather than on top. It's a pretty good model overall, even if the tender is somewhat large.

That J70 looks rather fine too. If you're ever going to build one and run it, you'll either need to remove the center axle or allow it to slide side-to-side, as otherwise it won't get around LEGO curves. I think that due to the restrictions imposed by the skirt it would be easier just to take it off. I love all the interior boiler detail though, well done.

Also, don't worry about LDD; it's all I'm using at the moment as I'm quite a way from any real bricks and will be for some time. It's a challenge to only use parts in colours that actually exist though, as there's no easy way of telling without having a bricklink tab up to check constantly!

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The chassis of the J70 is like the Rocket in being only 3 wide with a half a stud on each side between the wheel and frame. There is one of those half cross axle stop parts, 4265c.pngwhich can be taken out to allow as much side to side movement as the plates can manage, which is still not a lot but it's a mild improvement. As for the rocket thing, for some reason the real rocket has the chimney on top of the smokebox and the cylinders closer to horizontal than what any of the replicas show, so I suppose we can call it a cross between the two and it will be fine :)


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Those are both excellent MOCs and while I never thought I'd say this to anyone, your snot looks great. There are plenty of ways to slim down the tender (1x2x2 panels with side supports?) and the J70 is just flat out sharp looking. I like your link coupler solution too. Little bits like that help make a MOC "pop"

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Sir Toppem would be proud.   Seriously though well done on the tram... I look forward to seeing it's carriage!  As far as the rocket.   It's well done as is but I feel it could use some more refining! 

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