Challenge - Make a custom Lego Purist Sherlock Holmes Minifigure

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Who can make the best Sherlock Holmes Purist minifigure? Let's find out. Here are the rules: your minifigure must be purist [no modifying beyond swapping arms,legs, etc. You can make whichever Sherlock you want, Downing, Caumberbach, etc. You don't have to use the Lego Detective minifigure. That's it. By the way, I just made my account yesterday. I love this site.

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Modified the title.

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Hello, TrunkWyatt, and welcome to Eurobricks.

Please do not post your challenge as if it were a contest, since contest on EB are only handled by the Staff and this may seem confusing to our members.

I'd appreciate it if you could re-phrase your posts to reflact the fact that this is a challenge you're proposing to our customisers just for the fun of it (I'll change the title accordingly).

Thank you, and have fun on our boards.

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Sure thing LuxorV. Sorry about that.

Yes, this is a challenge [for fun] to see who can make the best Sherlock Holmes minifigure. Who will you be making? I will be making the Classic one myself.[ without a deerstalker hat, you will see].

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