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[MOC] CrazyKings

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after spending hours on my smartphone playin a tower defense game called CrazyKings ( i decided to build it using my bricks.
It's not the most known IOS game, but it's the one i'm playin and it's pretty addictive (take care if you give it a try).

I've spent a few months on a wip of a tesla tower and then had to hurry up to be in time for 2017 Lug'Est Dole exhibition (if you haven't seen a gallery of this event yet, you have missed something). Eventually i built other towers, a map to display thoses with a few ennemies, avatar and heroes.

Each tower can be easily moved on the map, so you can try to play just like on your smartphone.

Posted pics on the FB fan page of the game have had a warm welcome from the community.

Here are the pics :

24539028528_86091b75bc_z.jpgTour de Tesla by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr


38410232231_e15797f72f_z.jpgTour de sniper by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr


24539028028_e4bb526445_z.jpgTour de mana by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr


38410231751_a464007630_z.jpgTour de poison by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr


38410232871_7104d83ccd_c.jpgCrazyKings map by 7857 Fabien, sur Flickr


Hope you will enjoy it.

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I don't know anything about the game, but based on the artwork you have there, it looks like you nailed it. It was a clever move to use the purple wizard hat as a beard as well!

Keep it up!



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