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Minifig-Scale Modular Trucks

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Hello there, Rob here and I have an idea to share with you good people, Not entirely sure if its a new idea or not but I thought it was worthy of sharing, Modular Minifig-Scale Vintage vehicles, Now you might be and probably are thinking that looks like a mess and yep it sure does look that way, Also I am sorry for the terrible potato quality photos. Lots of photos below sorry about that.


Modules and special features

Mail truck and Sign with opening rear door.

Newspaper Delivery truck


Fire engine and lights with opening side, 2x fire extinguishers, 3x ladder piece so quite a long reach, Other side has a hose reel and storage container.

Gritter and snowplow attachment, Opening rear hatch should work to drop studs (its abit stiff though), Plow can be used left and right also abit stiff.


Tow truck and lights, 5 joints providing pose-ability 

Flatbed with bikes


Fire extinguisher promotional vehicle

Wood flatbed with wood/Barrels when I find some


Wooden bed

And finally no modules


More to come, If you have any ideas for more let me know :)

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