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My LEGO version of the Snow White and the 7 dwarfs cottage (based on Thomas Kinkade depiction).

I watched the movie when I was a kid and I vividly remember how I wanted to live in a cottage in the woods after seeing this one!

Although I rushed the build a bit, it was fun to build because I haven't build something "castle" for a long time and I wanted to try some new stuff like the roof or the newer shades of greens or play around with the vegetation using odd pieces and parts. Still some things didn't came out as I planned but I wanted to finish this to make room for other projects. Thanks  to Markus for coming everyday to my desk and give me some hints and motivation! :D

Hope you guys like it!


24446926228_a707a84e4c_c.jpgJust like a doll's house 

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1 hour ago, Huigberts Builds said:

This looks amazing, what did you use for the roof?

I was really hoping they were bananas, but it appears to be the small tooth/fang pieces in yellow.

This build is incredible, so much detail in the foliage and the architecture! I love it that much more when taking into account it’s one of my favorite Disney movies!

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That looks really good. :thumbup:

The use of colors is beautiful and it gives a bright looking at the build.

Did you use Yellowish Green for the grass?

The use of tooth pieces as roof is stunning. :wub: Hopefully I can use the same technique once.


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