Uchronia Vaporium - A steampunk World

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With my friend Aeros67, we decided to start a new project based on a steampunk world, named "Uchronia Vaporium".

Short story:
"Steam reigns in this world where two factions "clash" to extract all the power: on one side, the Continentals, a military faction that dreams only of conquests, seek to appropriate the plans of a new generation of self-propelled motor-booster, invented by the Islanders' faction, explorers who aspire only to live in peace and harmony. But everything is not so simple..."

Here are the first pieces of this project :

* The Skyplane :

* Insula, the main place of the Islander's faction :






Flickr album here :

We will publish more pics soon.




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Hum it's an interesting question ;) 

... Because the Doctor is in da place to help Islanders's faction protecting their invention :) 

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Really cool stuff. There are some interesting ideas how to use technic wheels that give your builds a proper steampunk feel. I will keep that in mind. Very useful input! All in all a really charming blend of beauty and technology. :classic:

I'm looking forward to see more of this world! :classic:

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