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[COR - Nov FB] Barber's Shop, Jameston

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Dramatis Personae (I too really like this idea to keep characters sorted! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for the Inkscape template for the character tags!)








Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock has finally made it back to civilisation. After months in the jungles of Cascadia with the Myzec, he has finally arrived back in Jameston, a settlement that has grown much in his absence. As he greets Samuel Woodruff outside the new constructed offices of the Allcock Trading Company, Dirk notices that next door is a barbershop. A barber with a luxurious moustache is waiting for customers at the door. After months in the jungle, Dirk longs for a proper shave and trim, so much to the surprise of Mr Woodruff, but not so much Sergeant Gowan or Davy Russell, who had both returned with Dirk from Cascadia, he heads over and greets the Barber.


The moustached barber returns Dirk's greeting enthusiastically, revealing a thick Mardierian accent. Dirk soon finds himself in the barber's chair, looking out onto the street with Mr Woodruff hovering alongside and Sergeant Gowan lounging on the back wall. Russell has wondered off. The barber's name was Marco, and he was indeed of Mardierian descent.

"So my fine man, how did you end up here in Jameston, by the sounds of it you originally hail from Mardier?"

"Not Mardier Signore, but rater the Isle de Medio, born in New Ter-ra. I worked as the personal barber for teh Mardierian Viceroy himself."

"and you fled after the fall of the Island to Eslandola?"

"Si, Signore, bet-ter to leave no?"

"Quite so, but why not New Haven with your fellow countrymen?"

"Ah, Every-a-one go to New Hafen - Marco, he lika his chances going east, so I a come here no? Open my own shop"

"Well my dear man, let's see if your barber skills are as you say, your finest shave and a trim thank you."

With that Marco got to work. Mr Woodruff began a report.

"The incentive for factories was released as ordered Colonel. We have had more interest than expected so far, but I shall await judgement until the projects themselves firm up."

"Quite good, and I see that the resupply convoy from Cocovia has arrived in harbour, I noticed the Lady Jacqueline amongst the ships at anchor on my arrival"

"Indeed, Captain Sawkins awaits you at your pleasure. The convoy is readying to depart in the next week and are currently loading goods, mostly sugar cane"

"Yes, I see the sugar industry here is off to a great start, very good indeed"

The conversation went on for sometime, until Marco had finished. Dirk felt great - it was indeed a fine shave.

"Well my good Sir, that was indeed as good as promised, Sergeant, pay the good man from my purse if you please, and don't skimp on the tip."

"To be sure Sir,"

"Actually while you are there, Marco, give my Sergeant a shave, he always seems to have that shadow on his face"

The normally stoic Sergeant Gowan looked horrified.

"Ah Sir, for the love of the gods you wouldn't let that Mardo anywhere near me with a razor would you Sir?"

"Don't make such a fuss Sergeant, you will feel better I assure you"

"Zeus, Hades and Posiedon!" 

Sergeant Gowan made the sign against evil. Dirk sighed,

"Just pay the man then Sergeant. We shall be returning."

"Many tanks Signore, a fine day to you"




Another small artisan for Jameston and the first section of the street put together. Below is a picture of the Barbershop on its own. It was time for Dirk to return and time to focus on storytelling again, hence the wall of text. I really love @Kolonialbeamter's tags for his characters and hope to put together some of my own, as I seem to have lots of named reoccurring characters and it would be nice to weave them back into the stories again. EDIT: Tags added thanks to KB's assistance!





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A fine build, and even better writing - I enjoyed both!


I assume there is no interior to this one? That would be the only downside for me, for everthing else is pretty much perfect. The MOC works on its own, as well as part of the street. I really like how those three builds come together, that is very well planned and done.


Now that Mardian barber... there is no pie bakery near his store, eh? :pir-look:

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Looks nice - both the street scene and the barbershop. I enjoyed the story as well. And the barber's torso has been getting a lot of use lately, which is cool for a classic piece. I think the office building on the left would look better if it was quite a bit bigger. In this form the scene looks imbalanced, especially with that style roof being the lowest of the three. Otherwise it's a great scene.

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It's really nice to see these builds come together to create a street scene. Each of the buildings has a unique look, but at the same time they go together nicely. 

As for the barbershop, it's a nice, clean build. The bright red, blue, and white barber colors (really not sure what else to call them) are a nice contrast to the black and grey used for the rest of the build. 

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Absolutely love it @Ayrlego! I might steal this design in the future! My only suggestion would be to vary the flower box a bit since your tailor shop uses a similar style, though this is only a small suggestion on another beautiful build!

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Loving the street scene coming together! I like the barber pole and awning for this build; simple yet very effective. And of course good minifigs and storytelling! :thumbup:

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Great addition, the barber shop colors really liven it up and that style of window for the second story looks good too!  Looking forward to seeing more of Jameston!

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Very nice @Ayrlego, and it's cool you've kept your builds around long enough to make a street scene. I like the detailing of the build, especially the little barber's shop accents. 

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