The amusing microfighter [MOC]

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As a kid, I grew up with Star Wars, and I always knew that Space Dart I 


WAS the X-Wing Fighter, despite the blue spaceman, the missing canopy and the wrong arrangement of engines. I still stop every time at the Star Wars section in LEGO shops and I'm conjuring up clever schemes to persuade my wife that the 75192 UCS Millenium Falcon is actually a very wise investment but, call me odd, the thing that really got me was the Microfighter series.

When I first saw them I thought "Wow, if there ever was a Star Wars-themed amusement park carousel, those little kids riding it would look just exactly like these sets", and I saw my son riding around in circles on top of a very stubby, very fat, open-cockpit Millenium Falcon. I fell for the series immediately. Of course, I bought the MF, the X-wing, the Star destroyer, the snowspeeder with the AT-AT, but I was a bit disappointed to realise that although we had the TIE Interceptor, the TIE Advanced Prototype (now even the TIE Striker) for some reason there never was a true TIE Fighter in the series. So, I decided to break down my TIE Advanced, which didn't have Vader anyway, and rebuild it in true, wholesome TIE Fighter fashion. Here's the result:

20171103_103549.jpg   20171103_103611.jpg   20171103_103624.jpg

It only took a few extra pieces, so I decided I might as well try some more.

Like the Y-Wing, that I built long before the official version came out (which, by the way, turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment, too):

dscn5829.jpg   dscn5834.jpg

I'm rather proud of those engines, even though they always turn the wrong way.
Another vehicle I always loved and built many versions of over the years is Luke's landspeeder. Strictly speaking, it stands off the line a bit as it is not a fighter but a civilian vehicle, it doesn't even feature the series' trademark workable rockets, but it coincided so well with my other line of interest (4-wide classic town vehicles) that I just built it anyway.

dscn5828.jpg   dscn5818.jpg

When The Force Awakens came out, the inevitable was Poe's orange and black X-Wing, which I rebuilt so many times that I don't even have a current photo of it, and then, of course, Rey's speeder:

20171103_103011.jpg   20171103_102940.jpg

and after Rogue One I rushed to buy the U-Wing fighter, which again turned out to be a very great disappointment, so I tore it down and used many of the pieces to build this:

20171103_103505.jpg   20171103_103226.jpg

20171103_103345.jpg   20171103_103239.jpg

Now I can't wait to see The Last Jedi and what Microfighters LEGO brings along (or what ideas in it I can use for customisation).

I hope you enjoyed looking at my little sets as much as I did building them, if you want, please leave a comment below.


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Fantastic, the U-Wing is great so much better than Lego's in which they feel the need to incorporate stud shooters.

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