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[OL - FB] An Unpleasant Exchange

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Hello again, fellow BoBS'ers,

here's the continuation of Roseabeau's storyline that took a slightly different course when two Oleander warships got captured during the recent MCRA.


An Unpleasant Exchange


New Directions


Dramatis Personae:




After several days of travelling East, HRS Monarque has arrived at the dictated location somewhere in the Sea of Thieves to meet up with notorious pirate Bloody Bill.



I don't like this at all.

What exactly, Seigneur Roseabeau? The fact that we are way out of range of HRS Monarque's guns to protect us, the fact that we are forced to pay a fortune to a reckless criminal... or that... dangling thing behind us?

Agreed on all three, my good Lieutenant. I don't like this at all.

Neither do I, Seigneur, neither do I. But if it is any satisfaction, the pirate won't like this exchange too much either. I'm certain he'd prefer to keep the ships.

Agreed again. But we'd hunt him down if he didn't surrender the ships - and he knows it.

We will hunt him down regardless. Scum like him has been sailing the seas for way too long. But for now, let's get this over with - time is of the essence. Here he comes.


Additional picture:




Hmm... not much to tell... But hey, I think I really like Bublible's new renderer :excited:


Thanks for watching,

C&C welcome :classic:


Vive le Roi!

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What to say? - great rowboats, mate! :laugh: :grin:  Very nice scene, that palm tree is fantastic, and I'm really liking your depiction of Bloody Bill there as well - great to see these pirates getting a bit more attention :thumbup:  That dangling... thing... is really tripping me out, though :rofl: :pir-grin:

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Nice little island, and I like the way you represent water ripple with transparent plates and cheese slopes. 

Let's untie the dangling thing and hang Bloody Bill on that tree.:pir-laugh:

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Really great scene KB, the minifig posing is perfect as is the palm tree and the row boats. All up just a lot to like here!

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Great work with the boats half in the water! :thumbup:   The minion dangling by his toes from the palm tree is a great reference. :pir-laugh:  Nowhere in the Brick Seas are you safe from Uncle's righteous vengeance! :pir_tong2:

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