Justice League Flying Fox Moc/Mod

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After seeing images of the Flying Fox, as seen in the upcoming Justice League film, I was very excited to see what Lego's rendition of it would look like. Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed. The build is sturdy, which is a great thing, however, it was also quite ugly and inaccurate. I picked the set up after my birthday, and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Steppenwolf's head and torso molds are accurate and intricately detailed, and the Flying Fox itself was surprisingly fun to build.

As soon as I built it, I knew I would modify it. I have already modified the Batmobile and Steppenwolf, and they look great. So, I would like advice for the Flying Fox. I know there aren't many pictures of it, but the overall design has been revealed. Hopefully we will get some great shots of it during the movie, but we do have a few images. So, here's what I want to build: 

  • About 1.5 to 2 times bigger than the original set
  • A spacious and large interior, with room for the Batmobile and a command center for the League
  • A lever-activated feature (ideally using a rubber band) that will launch the Batmobile out of the Fox
  • A small 2nd floor command center that hangs above the Batmobile, with computers and a chair
  • Front and back hatches that can open easily, but can be held in place
  • A cockpit that opens up with room for most of the League
  • Wings (see below) with spring loaded shooters, and large engines
  • 59fb9a7269f33_FlyingFox1.jpg.db2ebc512aa6f360435971b0a4a215b3.jpg
  • Lots of angles to make it look interesting

I have an excess amount of black pieces, so I don't have many limitations for building. Any suggestions would be amazing! Thanks for your time!

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