Maxim I

GBW - CP4 - Swintoc - Securing Checkpoint Pontsureau

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It was early in the morning. Yesterdays attack by RON Spec Ops forces failed. Another strategy was needed as the dockyard to secure passage for armor.

Swintoc has been a silent ally of the RON the past months. One of the reasons is because it soon turned out the equipment and training of the huge Swintoc army was outdated. A new group of elite soldiers has been raised, thanks to warveterans of other RON nations training new units.

Privateer Rover was part of those Elite Soldiers. Today they had the task to surprise a checkpoint controlled by some COAC soldiers. It was the Deland Republic that asked the Elite team to support its armoured progression.


Even the lord does not know how they get there, but the Swintoc Elite Soldiers showed up at the back of the COAC soldiers. Equipped with masks against the toxic atmosphere, they spotted the patrolling guards and aimed for their weak spots.



With a silencer on their weapons, they quickly eliminated the enemy. Once all enemies were dead, the SatComm could be placed, and the green light for the further attacks was given.







Thanks for watching!

It is surprisingly how brick consuming those containers are...

But it was really fun making this build. Also, the first containers were made before @TheBeeze published his pictures on Flickr...

C&C ofcourse welcome!

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Ah no worries. If anything, you have the nicer containers anyway as yours are truly brick built. Nicely done!

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Great scene !

Your containers are very realistic ! Very believable. A great design from you !

I am happy your team moved in coordination with mine ! A good thing, and a well organised cooperation ! :laugh:

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  • Pros: the conteiners, the clean colors (like a comic book), the minifig posing. [I missed the Sat Comm]
  • Cons: it's a nice scene that could be a bit larger
  • Hightlight: The cobra, a known endemic animal of Briolui
  • Suggestion: Probably some dirt on the ground as the grounds in harbors have plenty of dirt, oil stains, etc

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You’ve been awarded (8) points.

Judges’ comments…

I like this one. Very nice showing the container yard. The varying color of the containers was a nice detail as well. I personally would have liked to have seen it a little bigger and see how things unfolded here as the build ultimately goes no where. Your build quality is superb, but your direction of the build and choice of display hurt you a little in my scoring. Very nicely done build nonetheless.     

Your scene was the minimum size required for the build, and you showed coordination with the previous attack from the day before.  I liked the construction of your containers, they felt a little small but that wasn't held against you.  I felt like you have much more potential though and this just felt like it was missing something.  Maybe a larger build would have shown some close quarters battles?  Enemy troops could have been included. Maybe a little more detail with the build?  I don't know, but I know you have much more potential than this and I challenge you to blow us away with your next Campaign build!!!    

Very nice scene. Ground surface is little bit too shiny for a harbor (see also Beeze).     

Nicely done. I love the variety of colors for the shipping containers, and the various details that make it look like a shipping yard (the office and fence, especially). The photography is pretty good, though I think the lighting could be improved some. You also did a nice job tying it into other builds.  


Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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