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Feuer Zug

Classic Space Train, Space Train, SPACE TRAIN!

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This train was created for the Brick Model Railroad OcTRAINber contest.


Rarely seen on the lunar rails is the classic Space Train. This 69 stud long locomotive is an all-in-one train setup for transporting and launching missiles. Up front is the engineer’s compartment with full computer support to enable one man operations. Behind him is the electrical cabinet with satellite communications dish (PF receiver and AAA battery box). After the transformer is the crew compartment (roof opens for ease of access).


Designed for comfort, it includes a bunk, microwave, and small pantry cabinet. Besides the creature amenities, it has two workstations. The right side wall console is primary satellite and orbital management while the aft console is for missile operations. Separated from the crew by a duratanium firewall is the missile bay.


Due to the need to launch missile from any location to reach the desired orbit, the train itself is designed as the launch platform. When the top hatch opens, the missile is raised to launch position while doors on the side open up to allow the hot gasses to escape. The locomotive is capable of carrying one missile with satellite payload at a time. Behind the missile storage area is the power reactor, defensive plasma cannon, and thrusters.


The plasma cannon turret can rotate 270 degrees around and the barrel can elevate to 80 degrees. The main engines provide the majority of the thrust while cruising the lunar landscape.



The Swoosh

Classic Spacetrain video

69 studs long, Power Function equipped, capable of handling R40 curves, and the lights turn on too! Benny would so approve.

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Fun idea! I've seen many Classic Space themed monorails in the past before, but traditional trains are not seen too often for the theme, especially when done as a rolling mobile base. :thumbup:

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Thanks all. When they the train must have Swoosh, I instantly thought about going classic space. From there, I figured rockets were a big thing so why not put the rocket on the train.

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