Free £25 Voucher Code for Technics

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I bought a Technic model from the Lego store, and it came with a voucher for £25 off any order over £99.99 of Technics before 23rd December on the online store or in a shop. I've had a look and I already own all the large Technic sets I want from the current range. So I wanted to give it to a good home. The first person to respond in this topic can have it. I'll send you the voucher code, not the actual voucher itself, so it'll probably only work online, not in a shop, where you'd probably have to present the actual voucher.

Disclaimer: I'm providing absolutely no guarantees with this, so if for some reason or other it doesn't work, don't blame me! I've read the fine print, and can't see anything about it being linked to my VIP account so it should work for you.

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I would be happy to receive it, and will do my best to pay it forwards!

Thanks for doing this!


Sincerely yours


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Thanks. Didn't want it to go to waste, and have enjoyed lurking on the Lego sites the last few months since rediscovering how awesome it is.

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