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Haven't posted for awhile, but still checking on the comic a few times a week.


I bought the original forest set back in the day. VERY disappointed to find out about the remake days after it was no longer available. And the Bricklink price? Hmmm, unlikely. I don't know why I'm subscribed to Lego news when they never tell me about these limited time offers. I found out about the Blacktron one in time by chance. I bought that original set back in the day too! Super nostalgia moment.

Also, I moved house 7 months ago, and the Lego is still in storage, so I know how that feels.

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SPACE The Comic 1000 (Part 4):


ARTANIS! So good to see you. Very sorry you missed out on the Forestman's Hideout. Glad you found out about the Blacktron set in time, though. I just built mine and it's beautiful. Moving, it's amazing how much you can cram into a one-bedroom apartment. :-)

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