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[Esl Oct] Octoberfest -The One Drink

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Octoberfest : The One Drink ! Apple Cider for all !


During Weelond Octoberfest, The MAESTRO Trade Company invested in a small beverage commerce in order to sell its famous Apple Cider.

Now the tavern is open and has reach record sales during the Octoberfest festivities ! A very good start for the company !

The advertising in front of the tavern was probably for something in here. This is what we can read :

"One drink to rule them all, One drink to find you,

One drink to bring them all, and in tipsiness bind you"

"Apple Cider !"

Probably the epicness of this slogan made raise the sales at this record.

The crowded street in front of the tavern is a good illustration of its success :






Will be licensed as a small commerce in Weelond.

C&Cs are welcome, thank you !

Edited by Faladrin

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6 hours ago, Spud The Viking said:

Nice build! These buntings seem to be a trend this year in Weelond.

Thank you Spud ! It seems these buntings were used in many Weelond builds this year, yes you're right ! 

6 hours ago, Lord Buckethead said:

As always your minifigures posing is terrific, it really adds to the atmosphere of the already great build. Good job.

Thank you ! I always try to have a good minifig posing, I am glad you like it ! :blush:

3 hours ago, Capt Wolf said:

Lively, fun build! Very colorful, with great minifig posing. :thumbup:

Thank you ! I did not try something too far from my comfort zone, I admit it, but it's also great to stay comfy while building :laugh:

2 hours ago, Flavius Gratian said:

A colourful and lively build! As previously said, really good job on the posing and photography!

Thank you ! My posing is always taking me time and I try to make the best one, but my photography skills still need some enhancement IMO. I am happy you like my photography efforts !

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Great to see your apples again, Faladrin! :thumbup:  The colorfulness here is excellent, and those flags really help add to the festive feel - nicely done!

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