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"Leaders and prominent people of Veta, vol. I"

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37218935654_4099c556e9.jpg by Dathil, on Flickr








Phenias is built upon the islands in the Inner Sea. The main islands, Phenias, is home to the Volca, a large fortress built in a vulcano. The city expanded bigger than the island could sustain, and thus they started to build upon the water. The Pheniasi are the wealthiest faction around and dominate the free market throughout most of the continent. Their Quaestors, the tax officers, travel from market to market to collect their comissions. In return, the magistrate offers complete naval protection to everyone in the treaty. There are those, however, who suspect they might also be the ones "creating the needs of protection" theirselves, by investing their money wisely.


Jovani Meci is the current magistrate of Phenias. Under his rule, the Pheniasi trade imperium has expanded vastly and has become real powerfull. He was born for this position, being a member of the wealthy Meci family, and having great economic insights. He proudly carries the Sextant Staff, a reminder of the seafaring origens of their family. However, there are those who say he has started questionable business inside the Volca,yet these sources have brought none evidence at all, and thus are these rumours not regarded as important by the Oraca.


The diligent Quaestors of Phenias are often an unwelcome sight for the lords of the towns they visit. They wear the purple robes and stereotypical hat of Phenias, and have a status of immunity throughout every civilized country. They carry their sword mostly because of their noble ancestry.







The lands of Fríkk are inhibited by a tall and fair people, with probably some Elven blood in their pedigree. They have grown resilient against the colds and live in this lands, organizing raids, praying to their cruel gods called the Trissa, and hunting on the many kinds of prey that adapted to the cold climate.


Gustolph Rekks is the current king of Frikk. In whole Veta, he is known as 'the Lion of the North', because of his sigil, the Lion. Under his reign, the country prospers. As much as the people respect his prowess in battle, they respect his wisdom. The king has some deep interests for arts and music as well, which is quite uncommon for the people in Frikk.


Karl is the son of Gustolph and thus the heir to Frikk. While he is just 15 years old, he is known to be quite impatient when it comes to waiting to succeed his father. Even though he is that young, he has lead many military expeditions to success already. Karl is very religious and believes he was born to rule.







The main power in Veta is the Imperium, currently ruled by empress Nemayra. the Imperium, Ihlrion, is divided in multiple regions, each of them gouverned by a noble family. The house of Glainthes is such a family. They control the Westerlands, on the border with the icy lands of Fríkk.


Josua Glainthes is the leader of house Glainthes. After the death of his wife, he picked up his old drinking habit. Many fear that this could lead to unwanted situations, as he tends to become aggressive because of all the cider.


Rachel is the oldest daughter of Josua Glainthes. Though almost as fair as her younger sister, she is not the fighter Becca is. She is a diplomat, and has read every book in her father's library. Some say she is not too happy with her younger brother standing higher in the line of succession.


Becca Glainthes, the Succubus, is the second daughter of Josua Glainthes. Many call her the most beautiful woman in the country, and she is still single. However, she will only wed a man who defeats her in single combat, and many contenders have found out she is the deadliest woman in the country as well.


Jona is the third child and eldest son of Josua Glainthes, and thus the heir of the house. He is a famous duelist, and his riding ability is matched by very few.


Armed with his trumpet and his bow, there are little surprises that can reach the people under his protection.


Robb is the most renowned cider farmer in the country. His farm, called Bunnock's Barn, stands under the protection of house Glainthes.







On the swampy peninsula in the north-east, the Krytt live. The Krytt look most like a cross between humans and goblins, but they are highly civilized and are no less than their human neighbours. Which does, of course, not take away that no one should try to meet them in battle...


Rytan is a major Kryttan warchief. Because of him talking more with his maul than with his mouth, he has brought the Kryttan diplomacy to some dangerous levels.






The Trissa is the pantheon of gods worshipped by the people of Frikk. Their shrines can be found in every country throughout the continent however


The most prayed-to god of the Trissa. Most prayers are meant for the enemies of the persons praying, asking for the blade of his halbard to aid their conflict. 'getting the Halberd' is a common phrase, used as euphanism of dieing.


The goddess of protection has statues in many walled towns and settlements, and in every guardhouse there is a shrine to her. When praying to her, they belief nothing can happen to them.


The Inquisitor is maybe even more feared than Death himself. He is believed to haunt the unfaithful and torture them while they keep living, a fate worse than getting the Halberd.






Underneath the lands of Fríkk are the Fields of Despair. This once was the home of a mighty Elvish civilization. However, as not uncommon by elves, Hybris was their downfall as one of their ancient kings, dubbed "the purifier" intended to rid the continent of anything not-Elvish. This was the start of a series of wars, which ultimately led to a near-complete destruction of the Elves in Veta. There are still some remaining settlements, of which the inhabitants are called "Scavengers".


Athon Darkeye is the leader of an Elven Scavenger tribe. His name is respected throughout the complete Fields of Despair.


Garonn is a Free Sword, traversing the whole continent. 'The Eagle' is the origin for stories in many an inn.


Orna is the kindest woman one will ever meet, but for sure also one of the strongest. Defying old traditions, she has become the very first female smith, yet she is one of the best in her profession.







This has been written and was signed by Horth the Half-elf, of the Tanes, Oraca in the higher arts. This manuscripts have been approved by the head of the Tanes.


comments on references:


There are quite some references in this one, some more obvious than others. The continent is based on my own DnD setting, I started building this quite a while ago and loved the opportuny to use it in this way ;) Phenias is based on Venice. Jovani Meci is based upon the Medici family, and Jovani is my version of the italian 'Giovanni'. Gustolph is an adaptation on Gustavus Adolphus, and I tried to resemble a portrait of him as much as I could. This is also a direct reference to the Sabaton song 'Lion of the North', which is about him. His interest in culture is based upon Civilization V's variant of him, because Sweden always tries a cultural victory in that game. Then Karl Rekks is quite easy to derive to Carolus Rex, also a Swedish king and also a Sabaton song. (yes, I am obsessed. Sorry. Maybe you could recognize how the Fields of Despair are from the DragonForce song :p. Bunnock's Barn is a play on Bannockburn, a scottish town, where again Sabaton has a song about :p) Then there are the League of Legends references: Garonn is based upon Garen, and Orna is based upon Poppy, but because I could not use that name, I based it on Ornn, who is a smith too.


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Wow, you defenitely put some thought into this! I really liked the comment in the end to, one would think you're quite the Sabatton fan :wink: It's nice to see where people get their inspiration.

One small nitpick: I would try to embed your images...

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Nicely done!  I like the figs and the backstories, and the realm you have created is great, too. I look forward to seeing many of these folks in action in later builds. I like the idea of elves being rather orcish as a result of a fall from honor and glory. But as I said on Flickr, though, the shirtless female smith is very strange...

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Really cool map and figs. I didn't see this before I posted my latest Yureishima build and they're obviously similar in some ways so that's cool. I love the idea of Historica expanding!

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Quite an excellent collection of minifigures! Becca has some really great parts combinations, and I like your Rytan fig a lot as well :thumbup:

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Why Orna the woman have no breast? I understand she don't need a bra cos she lost something, but that should be 18+.

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