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Skylab by Eiffleman mod by me (Need Help)

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Spent about a month trying to crack an idea open for Eiffleman's skylab on lego ideas.  Have had help from NathanR here and thank him immensely.  The idea is to have function over form in this model and not exact scale.  I want to have the side solar panels slide out of the main body and also be structurally sound.  Everything that needs to be seen is in the lxf file if you would like to help out.  Model has been made with the two technic techniques I devised and both versions are shown on either side of one of the skylab.  The other issue is the attachment 1x1 bricks to the main body are not full proof connection.  Too unstructurally sound.  Then I have a fold out version that I have started on that doesn't seem to be going anywhere and seems uglier.  The other idea proposed by NathanR is sliding plates, but angling the plates and having the capabilities of having both in there seem impossible.  Thanks for just looking if anything. side panels v2.lxf

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