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[MOC] Millennium Falcon Painting

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37717492631_906e8664ce_b.jpgMillennium Falcon Painting

Hi guys, I am Lee from Hong Kong, and I have joined Eurobricks for a few years by now, but I have never posted in the Star Wars forum before, so I guess a little intro won't harm! :wink:

I browse for cool LEGO MOCs around the world on a daily basis, and while I often enjoy seeing what others build, not many of the pieces would really impress me so much that I would remember for years, but the Spider-Mosaic by Thorsten Bonsch is definitely one of them (! Ever since then I have always wanted to try to make something similar, so as soon as I saw the TBB LEGO Millennium Falcon Contest said that we can present the MF in any style, I already knew what I have to do. 

The artwork is based on one done by MediaGraffitiStudio (, with some personal touches for the colours based on what I had in mind. Hope you enjoy it!

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I saw this creation in a blog post of The Brothers Brick just a little while ago, and yeah, it is a most impressive, novel take on the Falcon in bricks! :thumbup:

It must have certainly struck the staff at Rebrick in the same way I bet! :classic:

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