[GBW] - Spec OPs - Task 1 EROTEMA - Find the flight recorder

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Bricklandia - Grid C4

José Jiménez is an experienced recon pilot. He is flying the Hispano Super Saeta, an extremely secret aircraft used for high-altitude recon. His mission for today is simple: take pictures of the northern coast of the Deland Republic.

The mission is quiet but, suddenly, something starts going wrong. The master alarm indicator shows a power failure. The jet has 2 engines, but both of them stop. As the airplane flights at very high speed and the air is very thin at such high altitudes, a loss of speed implies a spin, which is very hard to control. Although José tries to restart the engine until the UPS is out of energy (another failure), there is no other option than ejecting from the aircraft…

After a soft landing, he started walking towards a small mountain range he saw while parachuting, and entered a cave. He activated his beacon, knowing that the enemy forces would be also able to find him…


Allied forces were parachuted a few hours after and could find him easily although the beacon emitted intermittently.


José decided to leave the cave and go east, to the border with New Brickika. He is luck, because the rescue team finds him.

37559146570_6825c2026a_c.jpgThe rescue team finds the pilot. by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr


After being found, José was taken to the remnants of his aircraft, and he found a strange scene…

-Hey, what the hell is that?

-What, the lobsters?

-Yes, what is that guy doing?

-Ah, that´s our coverage. From now, we are farm lobsters if enemy forces intercept us. That´s why we are carrying two lobsters.

-You are kidding…

-No, this is not a joke. I will give you later the book “How to raise lobsters for dummies”. The most important part of the mission is to save the disk of the flight recorder. The lobsters are the second priority.

Meanwhile, the flight recorder (”black box” in Spanish, although it is orange) was found, so the hard disk with the recordings could be saved.

37785619112_1b87017564_c.jpgCrash site by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

23964530608_1b890542f4_c.jpgThe flight recorder is found by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

37559147720_53dd921196_c.jpgChasing lobster on the snow by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

-Sir, the disk has been found. Move towards New Brickika right now with the disk. We will set explosive charges and destroy what we find of the plane.

-Ok, heading east?

-East by south.

-Ok, see you later. Good luck.


Time later, the full team has crossed the borders of New Brickika and are found by friendly troops.

37559145950_85182a9dec_c.jpgCrossing friendly lines by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

-Hey, who are you!

-We are peaceful lobster farmers. You can see our specimens. (This is the password the recon team has to use when finding Erotema troops in New Brickika).

-Ok, go ahead (that was the code to cross the border).

The information was saved and the information would be interesting for further actions...


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You’ve been awarded (2) points.

Judges’ comments…

This is not too bad given the time frame in which you completed, but I know you are capable of more than this if you had the time to complete. You need to start working on some more terrain and elevation changes in your builds. Pictures looked a little weak this time around. 

So instead of going 48x48 baseplates, save some time and go with 32x32 instead.  You'll save on construction time and the build would be more centralized...meaning you can focus on the story line instead of taking wide out shots.  You have a lot of extra space in your pictures.  If you go in for more close ups, the focus would be on the action, and that's what everyone really wants to see.  Everything else should just be a backdrop.  A phenomenal backdrop because as viewers focus on the action, eventually, they see the backdrop and begin to look into that.  Then you can add an overall shot.  Also, be careful with lighting.  Some pics are easily seen, some have some 'unique' shading, others are just dark.  Consistency will help, bright outdoor lights are best.  Keep it up!!!

Thanks for playing!

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