The Eltina Courrier - October 617AE (AMRCA)

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More than just fake news - since 615


Never was more an exciting time in the Brick Seas! Adventurers of all nations have ventured into the unknown, hoping to earn fame, honour, or more earthly gains. The editor has gained privileged access to the log books of several captains, and is proud to bring you news before any other paper in Nova Terra. But first for some general headlines!

Reckless Corlander Diplomat Missing!

Don Isaac Montoya, lead consul to Queen Annetta of Corrington, ventured rashly into the hands of notorious pirate, the Sea Rat, Captain Morgan. Without as much as a guard, the Corlander Diplomat landed on Tortuga, and was last seen heading towards a beach with Captain Morgan, who had recently proclaimed himself representative of the association of Sea Rats in a daring raid on the Malto peace talks. No claim for ransom has been published yet, but the Eltina Courier has no doubt it is only a matter of time!

Eslandolans Wasting Money On Beer!

As usual around this time, many Eslandolans find their way to Weelond to enjoy the success of their Breweries and lose way to much money gambling away. The socalled Octoberfest is where the miserly Eslandolans let down their hair and act like real minifigs, with every appearance of excess. The redactional staff on the Courier has no doubt a less fanatical daily adherence to greed and abstinence in their daily lives would lead to less misbehaviour once the corks are off.

I won't let them touch my wood! - local Eltina timber trader says

The 'timber crisis' continues, as local traders still refuse to deliver our expert quality timber to the spoilt city of Breshaun without proper compensation. Let them have all the glory? The Eltina Courrier says No!

Mysteries in Freeport!

Victor Servadoc, rumoured to be part of a secret order, has reached the Garveyan settlement of Freeport, a haven for smugglers, fences, and other entreprenant individuals. He was last seen wandering the harbour aimlessly, before being approached by a strange gentleman known to be involved in covert activities. What has Servadoc gotten himself into?

Picnic gone sour

Landing on what the Corrish have foolishly named Fiorentia, Puvel and a platoon of Royal Pioneers, started mapping the site. The Eltina Courier has it from reliable* sources that Puvel threw a tantrum when it became evident that the beetles were not indeed gems! Nearby shipping reported dark clouds rising above the island, which is sure to have put a stopper to any romantised shenanigans on the flowery patch of land.

*The Eltina Courier maintains the right to keep its sources anonomous, but swears that they are not just local drunks...

The Folly of the Few

Important men in high places often see sanity go out with the bathwater, and Lord Maximilian Damaximus has been found feeding strange rumours of ghost ships to captains all over the Brick Seas. It would appear, however, that not even pious, loyal Oleonese citizens are free from Folly. Our very own Captain Sebeus has fallen for the infamous scheme and is now on the hunt for the Flying Dutchman (whatever a Dutchman is...), a mythical (non-existant?) privateer raiding the seas. Latest news is that the expedition has found another unlucky believer, the Mardierian war galleon, El Grande, possibly on a similar quest.

Rolling out the Big Guns

His excellence, the Duc de Corban has brought the flagship of the Fleet, the HRS Royal Philip, namesake of our Glorious King, to the Mardierian capital of Londa to solidify diplomatic relations. However, word has reached the office that Mardierians have no respect for the well-being of our boys, having refused them their well-earned and long-awaited shoreleave. We have no doubt the Duc will ensure our boys get the respect they deserve.

The Hunt for the Red Nose Deer! The end of Captain Old Beard Caliquot?

Filipe de la Manzana has relentlessly been pursuing the mythical Golden Apple for more than a year with little success, but now it would appear a breakthrough is near! Outfitting the Brickwall Frigate for an expedition, he is spoiling for a fight - The Red Nose Deer, captain Caliquot's flagship may soon find itself set upon by an enemy above its class. Or will Felipe take a more refined approach?

Young men and Foolish Hearts

Another one of Damaximus' disciples have found himself in trouble.Young explorer, Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo has set out from Trador to make a name for himself, by adding new lands to the MAESTRO portfolio. However, his ship, the Arkady, is said to have been set upon by a storm, and many fear she may be lost. Does not the Eslandians know of Nemesis?

Going South or going south

A Corlander delegation dares the impossible - an expedition to the far far away capital of the behemoth that is the Mokolei Empire! What will they encounter in these strange lands? Will they return with riches beyond measure - or without their heads? Our local expert drunks report that a cacophony of Corlander agendas has already lead to quite a delicate situation in the town of Tazelft. 

Fish out of Water

Mayor Henri Hollande is in quite the predicament, faced with a dilemma of great moral implications. Enroute to uncover the secrets of the new Terraversan state, the RNTC has come across a small squadron of distressed vessels, asking for help. Will Hollande stay loyal to his masters, or adhere to the laws of the sea?

Classic Pirates

Maybe the drinks in Fatu Hiva's bars have become quite expensive, maybe the ship's golden paint had washed off, maybe he hopes for some early diggers' bonus - something has notorious Captain Sulu and the crew of the Golden Dragon go after the treasures of the New Haven Sea! But will New Haven turn out to be a safe haven as well? Our interview partner in Fatu Hiva reports of hearing annoying voices sometimes originating from the far islands of the South - local bar owners fear for their best clients in years!

Princes de L'Univers!

The Prince of Garvey and Duke of Stedor, Lord Maximilian Damaximus, has set out to find evidence of the mythical Allenridders - an adventure that might shed some light on family roots and on the history of many here amongst us! He's found himself another prince to take along on the journey. Together they will travel to the land of Tellvok, where they are to meet up with yet another royalty - the unofficial prince of trouble - Count Mesabi - notorious for blowing things up! Rumors have it the princes' egos already are taking up too much cargo space for the sailors and soldiers to set up their hammocks. Will the royal expedition face a mutiny - or even a revolution?


This edition of the Eltina Courrier was brought to you by Jameston Rum Destilleries - Henri Hollande's first choice, and hopefully soon yours, too!

The Eltina Courier is looking for a few more editors for the next edition to ensure proper coverage of the Adventures of the Brick Seas. Applications to be send to the editorial staff (Shoot a pm to @Bregir @Legostone @Kolonialbeamter if you are interested in helping write the next turn of the AMRCA!)

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A thrilling read from start to finish, not sure of the validity of some of the sources though! :pir_laugh2: 

I commend you people on your writing and look forward to the next edition! 

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An excellent read, and a great summary of current events. Keep it coming!


P.S.: Any way this can be supported by some builds?

Edited by Drunknok

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Just now, Drunknok said:

P.S.: Any way this can be supported by some builds?

The builds are up to the adventurers! :pir-wink:

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On 16/10/2017 at 9:57 PM, Kolonialbeamter said:

The Eltina Courier has it from reliable* sources that Puvel threw a tantrum when it became evident that the beetles were not indeed gems!


All creatures are beautiful, aka gems! 

This news report must have been written by uncultured swine*!

*Or sourced by local drunks  


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On 17.10.2017 at 1:40 AM, gedren_y said:

"Here we are, born to be kings . . . ."

There's another, more delicious background to that - French speakers and especially Belgians should get it :wink:

On 17.10.2017 at 10:24 AM, Bodi said:

Excellent writing KB, fun to read. :laugh:

Thanks, Bodi, but I didn't even write half of this :blush:

3 minutes ago, Puvel said:


Better check the Courrier's motto again :tongue:

3 minutes ago, Puvel said:

This news report must have been written by uncultured swine*!

Agree on this one, though :laugh:

Just a question, how drunk were these local drunks?


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Just now, Lord Buckethead said:

And what beverage were they drinking.

All of them. They might be locals, but they strive for sophistication and urbaneness - savoir vivre. À la vôtre! :grin:

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