[MOC][SHIPtember] Gozanti-class Cruiser

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And here is my latest MOC, a Gozanti-class cruiser modified for deep-space exploration of the fringes of the known Galaxy. (/U version)
Gozanti in space by Veynom, on Flickr
First, a quick introduction to this Gozanti spaceship. It appear briefly in the prequels and can be more extensively seen inside the Star Wars Rebels anime series. I've chosen to built the latest from SW Rebels. The most visible difference is around the wings and the reactors but also regarding the color scheme based on 2 shades of greys. However, and let's be blunt, whatever the subversion, this ship is plain ugly and by far not the most elegant from the Star Wars universe, except maybe for those (a bit like me) who consider that because it is ugly then it must be an attractive ship.:devil:
TLC has already released a set about this hip under reference 75106:
But, without any second thought, we may agree that this is not their best rendering of a Star Wars ship. In short, it is just ugly and the only few sections where it could have been sleek have been slaughtered by an horrible greebling. Thereofre and because it was so ugly, I decided to make a nicer less ugly version of it. The main idea was to make a model more or less 3 to 4 times bigger and thus multiplying all dimensions of the 75106 by a factor of around 1.5. The final result is this model: 
A small ship of 109 studs long (89 studs with the probe). As I built it during the month of September, I decided to add a forward probe in order to reach the mythical lgenth of 100 stuffs and participate to the SHIPtember contest. It results in a version which is a bit less canon but still probable within the Star Wars expanded universe. The resulting asymmetric forward body helps in breaking the otherwise monotonous aspect of the Gozanti without crippling the ship with excessive greebling. I could have also easily added the 11 missing studs to reach the 100-stud's length but as I worked without any detailed schematics (and online pictures are often contradicting each others). And in the end, basta, you will see many Lego Gozanti without a probe but mine is unique. :pir-laugh:
Gozanti nose by Veynom, on Flickr
I have integrated the playability features from the original set, except the shooters and springloaders that I despise in an very imperial way.
  1. When you turn the black section of the central engine, both turrets will rotate. Absolutely useless but quite fun during a fair.
  2. The TIEs can be launched exactly like in the original set. I should make larger TIEs as well.
  3. There are 7 opening panels of all kinds: cockpit, forward port side, lateral sides (port & starboard), forward roof, main body and Ackbar hatch.

A friend of mine felt quite inspired by my model and created several renderings. All of these are pure digital rendering and my original MOC is indeed grey. Those pictures are just for the sake of having fun.


Ferrari Gozanti by Veynom, on Flickr
A small picture of the Pax Imperialis (Imperial peace) guaranteed by a Gozanti orbiting quietly over Lothall.

Gozanti over Lothal by Veynom, on Flickr
And a few pictures of the built process.
15th of September: I started with the wings.
WIP - Gozanti Cruiser by Veynom, on Flickr
18th of September: The backbone to link the wings
WIP - Gozanti Cruiser by Veynom, on Flickr
23th of September: The cockpit is ready, the body was progressing step by step and the central engine was being place to its right place.
28th of September: Currently my only picture showing some of the opening panels.
29th of September: the Gozanti is completed (Just in time)
Done, it has been exposed to BrickMania Seneffe (Belgium) already and will also be present during BrickLive Brussels (Belgium) in a couple of weeks.

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Just WOW!!! Brilliant job and totally agree TLC made it a horrible way. In my mind only the manual release for the TIEs is nice there. Yours is awesome!!
And I LOVE the many variations!! Made me lol. :laugh:

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I just had 2 smile, when reading someone made a Gonzati cruiser MOC. I love these "unaesthetic ships" & whenever someone cares about them, instead of just the other popular ships (X-Wing, Snowspeeder,...).
Great what you have done, I would love to see more!

One thing 2 note though: An important aspect of this ship in every reincarnation, is that it doesn't just have a "box from cockpit to engines". There are soft angles going through, from front to back. Your MOC is way 2 plain and "boxy". TLG tried their best on their ship - I'm sure you could come up with something with this kind of size!

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Those renderings look really cool and it did make me chuckle!

As for the ship, I like how you have tried to make it as accurate as possible with whatever information you can get online as well as to give it a little twist to make it your own. I remembered when it first came out, it struck me that it looked like some deep sea dwelling weird looking fish! :laugh:

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