[MOC] Trichoptera - Modified YT-1300 Corellian Light Freighter

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Spaceship from Star Wars universe. Designed by me and based on the famous Millennium Falcon aka YT-1300 Corellian Light Freighter. The main difference is pilot's cabin moved to the main hull and improved armour. Read more »


LEGO-YT-1300-modified-Trichoptera-02.jpg LEGO-YT-1300-modified-Trichoptera-03.jpg LEGO-YT-1300-modified-Trichoptera-04.jpg LEGO-YT-1300-modified-Trichoptera-05.jpg LEGO-YT-1300-modified-Trichoptera-06.jpg LEGO-YT-1300-modified-Trichoptera-07.jpg 

Bigger photos and full story here:
LEGO Gallery - Trichoptera - Modified YT-1300 Corellian Light Freighter

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Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog  - Bricks' Treasure.

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I commented on Reddit too, but I love this ship and the crew. :)  having the cockpit mounted where it is is pretty original, and the color scheme and greebling are top-notch!  The mandible shape is also pretty interesting, and if made them larger you could've called it megaloptera instead of trichoptera! ;)  if you have any shots of the interiors of the body or cockpit, I'd love to see them! 

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Thx guys :)

As for interior - there is only pilot's cabin full of computers and place for 2 pilots. It is very simple tho. I don't have photos but really nothing special to see there :)

There is plenty space for interior, since supports are only in the center but I had no time to do it :( I was building it for contest and deadlin was near ;)



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