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Hi guys,

I don't have a lot of train experience so I'm looking to you all for some help and direction.  My son has been watching you tube videos of trains and he wants to do some lifted/ up and down train track.  I noticed some are built out of technic, but right now all of his technic stuff is together cause he plays with them. Can anyone point me to dome design with traditional bricks to make some lifted sections with ramp for track up and down also so we can get a 2 tiered layout going.

Also, I have my train from the early 80's which is back together and he has the 2 current construction trains.  I bought parts for more wheels nd bases from the 2 main designs of the current cars, but is there anywhere I can get instructions (big thing. i really don't have the knowledge yet for looking at a pic and recreating it) for some new cars.  maybe ones with sliding side doors.  Simple stuff that I don't have to go crazy for pieces.  things i can get off lego's cite easy to buy.

EDIT: I just saw TrixBrix set you can buy.  They seem pretty nice cause you can pivot the middle section to sit the track properly during the incline but didn't know how stable the transition from incline to flat raised section would be.  The price appears fair.  Didn't know what others think.

Thanks a lot.  I really appreciate it.


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Dear Jim,

I already ordered tracks from trixBrix and was quite surprised what is possible today with 3D-printing!

Yesterday I recieved my second delivery from TrixBrix and it does include the incline package.

I bought it after I saw the Video Review from Duncan on his YouTube channel DunksterBricks:


Feel free to take a look at it!



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i saw this video.  they do look impressive.  how smooth is the transition of the last incline track to level surface again on the raised section?


any ideas of where i can get some instructions for some new cars for him?


thanks a lot,



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Hi Jim,

If simple cars are all you want, you cant really do better than those designed by LEGO themselves. Most of the instructions will be easy to find on the internet. LEGO themselves has PDFs of instructions for the last 15 years or so in the service section of their site searchable by set number.

For older stuff I really like PICSL which was one of the early community efforts to preserve instructions;


To browse through the sets available try a search for train sets on Bricklink;


Once you have set numbers you might be able to find single carriages from recent sets for a reasonable price on ebay or bricklink. If you want to buy individual pieces bricklink or the LEGO site are probably your best bet.

Another way of doing the same sort of search is to start with a search of train sets at brickset;


Each set page also has external links to places you might find instructions but they are a little more hit and miss. They work best once you know the area of speciality of the external sites.

Hope some of this is helpful to you and your son.


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