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[OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

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What a turn of evets! Lovely builds guys, let's catch and hang shoot behead question that spy! :tongue:

KB's fort is particularly unique looking, but also Bodi's round tower and Genaro's interior scene are very nice… great prosecution of this storyline!

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@Kolonialbeamter @Bodi

@Captain Genaro @KotZ

A little earlier...

Cooke had been trying to evade his pursuers for some hours. And while he had so far avoided capture, he had been unable to find a way out of the settlement. There was a complete lock-down of the port, and all in-land exist had been blocked by roadblocks, gatehouses, or manned checkpoints. It was clear that whoever was in control of Nola Mar was hell-bent on keeping events in the dark.

So he had to take a different approach. Hence:


"I am Captain Cooke of HMS Greyhound frigate of her Majesty's Royal Navy. I am here on a survey mission for Corrington under papers from Grand Admiral L'Olius." He said in a clear voice, holding up his hands palms out in a passive gesture. "Please take me to your leader..."

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OOC: A big thank you to @Bregir for his excellent build and joint authorship of this part of the adventure (everything in red). I know it took a bit longer than any of us would have liked, but it was a real pleasure getting to work with him, and creating crossover between both our characters in this story. 

The militia officer was amazed at his fortune, and didn't waste a moment. He immediately ordered the guards to detain Cooke and he was taken to a small cell in the gatehouse. A small, damp room, Cooke was kept here while two militiamen watched him from the door. A short while later, another officer appeared and barked new orders at the guards who quickly made it clear to Cooke that he was to follow the officer. Cooke exited the cell, and noticed two new guards, not dressed in the black militia jackets, but wearing blue tunics, white gloves, and some sort of plate armor. Closely followed by several different guards, Cooke followed the officer through the streets of Nola Mar until they reached an administrative building. Upon entering the building the officer lead Cooke to a closed door, knocked on the door, and without waiting for a reply proceeded to open the door and motion for Cooke to enter. 

There were several people already in the room, several men gathered around one table in a corner, clearly clerks or scribes of some sort, and one man sitting at a lone table scribbling notes on parchment. All the men spoke Marderian, and as Cooke entered the scribes looked up, but the man at the lone table simply continued writing. The guards motioned for Cooke to empty his pockets, to which Cooke scowled and begrudgingly complied placing his sword, commission, pass from L'Olius, and purse on the table. After Cooke had done, the man at the desk motioned for Cooke to sit, and after making a final note on his parchment he looked up. “Please state your name and purpose in Nola Mar.”

49711582678_84038a0ffa_c.jpgInterrogation in Nola Mar by Christian West, on Flickr

With a small sigh, Cooke spoke up in reasonable, but accented Mardierian. "As I have already told your guards, and as my papers will state..." he said with a frown, nodding towards his papers on the table: "I am Captain Jonathan Cooke of the HMS Greyhound frigate of Her Royal Majesty's Navy. I am here on a survey mission for Corrington, and I have permission to travel Terraversa from the authorities in Westface." After a short pause. "Who are you, and are you in charge here?"

The official reviewed Cooke's papers as the captain spoke. "Yes, that appears to be in order, Captain Cooke. And to answer your question, yes, I am in charge of this questioning and I certainly hope we can resolve this whole matter without too much trouble." 

Narrowing his eyes for a moment, he replied with a hint of restrained anger. "I believe it must be due to my Mardierian... or yours..." He added in a low mumble, before continuing. "...that I have not made myself clear. Are you the authority in this settlement, and if so, in what capacity?"

"For the intents and purposes of your time here, yes, I am the authority here. I believe that should be a sufficient reply" the official coolly replied while making it clear he would not discuss this matter further.

He made a few notes on a sheet of paper, copied something from the commission, and then returned the commission to Cooke but left L'Olius' pass and the sword on the table. "I must confess, sir, that I am no expert in Corrish naval customs, but is it not customary for officers, especially a ship's captain, to be in uniform when traveling ashore on official business? At least, my experience has been that officers are most proud of their uniform and always report to the local authorities (not some militia sergeant) shortly after coming ashore."  

Cooke gave a stern glare at the deflection, looking less than pleased. "Suffering the questioning of a mere clerk..." he mumbled under his breath before continuing.

"As to the matter of my uniform, Corrington does not make a habit of flaunting her military power on sovereign lands before making sure that it will give rise to no misunderstandings. And as you may remember, the harbour master rejected me, making it quite hard to 'report' to the local authorities."

"I would have thought it clear after docking in Kings Port and Westface that your presence would be welcomed here, not to mention that, according to you" the official continued, putting a hint of emphasis on the "you" "this expedition was specifically requested by L'Olius. Given those, ah, statements, I find it hard to reconcile those with any notion of flaunting military power." 

And the harbor master rejected your permission to dock at that pier, but clearly you did not interpret this rejection to serve as a prohibition on your entering the town. And based on the harbor master's statements it does not appear anything so offense was said as to prohibit you from approaching him from dry land. And even then this building's location and purpose are hardly a secret. Surely a few inquiries would have given you the information you needed." 

"That I was initially rejected and now subject to this... interview does seem to suggest that I was indeed right to be cautious. Whether or not I took the best approach may be debateable, but my concern was warranted." 

We can debate that point another time, but for now I would be most interested in knowing how you happened to arrive in Nola Mar?”

"I contracted with a local fisherman to take me ashore from my frigate and have come alone. The harbour master gave no reason for denying me access, so I asked to be landed at an unattended fishing pier nearby." With a wry smile he added. "By coincidence, it had turned dusk by then, and no one there stopped me..."

"You found adequate lodging for the night I trust" the official replied without looking up from his notes. 

Flashing a barely perceptible smile, he added with a glance to his muddy boots. "Yes, quite adequate, thank you. I am afraid I have quite forgotten the name of the fisherman. But a very helpful chap. A credit to the hospitality of the people of Terraversa."

“I’m pleased to hear it. But I must say, sir, your claim of a frigate nearby is most interesting as we have received no such reports. And no doubt you could describe the local fishing vessel and the men which delivered you?" the official asked. "But another thing which troubles me, is I always see officers, Garvan, Eslandolan, and Corrish, arriving on their boat, forgive me for I don't know the proper name, but one rowed by many ships men. I have never heard of an officer taking such a simple form of transportation, one clearly below your station."

"I find it interesting that local authorities in a minor settlement here should even concern themselves with neutral shipping." Cooke shot back with a hint of sharpness. "And I am quite surprised you should have any experience with Corlander naval officers, as to the best of my knowledge, I am the first one to call here."

Continuing with a less sharp tone, Cooke continued "And as I have said before, I had to ascertain first that a Corlander military visit would not result in any misgivings. Last reports from here was a settlement in lock down, taking measures against smugglers, and with no news in months, I decided for a more neutral, a more careful approach. Not to stir up trouble, you see."  

Ignoring the first portion of Cooke's reply the official focused strictly on Cooke's second points. "If you had an official document from L'Olius, why would you have any reason to expect trouble? And even then, if you did expect trouble why arrive in such a clandestine, you must pardon me, sir, but I think we can agree even a neutral observer would find you actions here to be unexpected to say the least." Pausing to sip from his glass, he reviewed his notes before continuing. "The name of a mere fisherman, easy thing to forget. But perhaps, sir, some other items did not go unnoticed. Surely an experienced sailor such as yourself would be able to identify the vessel, or at the very least describe it? And surely you recall how many men brought you ashore? Perhaps they mentioned something in conversation that would help in identifying them? Oh, even if it seems trivial, I'd be most interested in knowing about it."

Sighing impatiently, Cooke replied: "I had no reason to expect trouble, so colour me surprised that I am now sitting here. I fail to see how my visit here can be interpreted as 'clandestine', and why you are so concerned." Pausing for effect, he then added. "Unless you have something to hide here, of course..." entirely ignoring the matter of the fishermen. 

The official shook his head. “Nothing to hide, those are your words, Captain, not mine. Though I must confess your inability to answer a basic question about fishermen leaves me with the distinct impression that perhaps one of us does in fact have something to hide.” Cooke sat there, declining to respond to the official’s remark, so the man continued with another line of questioning. “And as for this survey you speak of," he said, gesturing to the items on the table "I do not see your charts for Sillitholina. I trust you did not lose them?"

With the best version of a winning smile his weather beaten and battle-scarred face could muster, he added: "Silitholina? Hmm, I shall have to check my charts, but I believe it is next on our survey..."

 "I am sure we are honored to be the first location you chose to survey, or perhaps it was merely the convenience of our location as you survey the entire coast," the official said in an offhanded remark.  “I trust you did not lose your equipment, too?”

"I was not referring to a full hydrographical survey, yet. Corrington, in support to Grand Admiral L'Olius, is surveying the capacity of Terraversan ports to shelter and service merchant and naval vessels." Raising an eyebrow, he added "One would have thought that local authorities could readily supply charts and soundings... Otherwise, further hydrographical survey could be next, of course."

He paused for a moment and continued. "In terms of the practicalities of our survey... I shall spare you of the naval details, but a full survey of sandbanks, reefs, anchorage, harbour facilities and so forth requires presence. Obviously, I will be bringing in parts of my crew to conduct the survey, once we can be sure of our welcome..."

"Already prepared for a surveying crew," tutted the man dismissively. "Just a moment ago you were saying this mission merely required a trip to collect some charts. Now it's a full surveying crew?"

"Allow me to spell it out for even the merest minds." he said impatiently, shooting a glance at the official. "I was to land to establish contact and coordinate, after which the survey crew would join. Simple as that."

"I believe I am beginning to notice a theme, Captain. Once again an interesting explanation, but one that leaves me with more questions than answers" the official replied with a frown. "We have heard nothing from Oldis regarding hydrographical surveys, and I must question why L'Olius would send a Corrish naval officer, a full captain, to perform such a simple task. Surely L'Olius has his own men, and surely even a midshipman could perform a task as mundane as carrying charts between settlements?

"Besides," the man continued, "assuming there are no decent charts in all of Westface, or at least no charts that include Nola Mar, wouldn't the prudent course of action be to seek the official charts from the admiralty in Kings Port?" 

"L'Olius has heard nothing from Nola Mar concerning the crackdown on smuggling. Nor of anything else for a long time, in fact." Cooke returned the frown, the scar on his eyebrow glowing red. "The Royal Navy has offered its assistance, which has been accepted. I believe recovering from the war of independence still leaves many tasks undone for this fine young nation." Looking at the guards he added. "We do not make a habit of sending in junior officers to contact foreign authorities. And as is abundantly clear, that was the right decision, seeing the situation we have here..."

Upon hearing of Corrington's increased involvement a look of surprise or possibly fear flashed over the official. He turned, motioned with his fingers for one of the scribes to approach, and they began a quick discussion in hushed tones. After a few back and forth comments, the scribe returned to his seat and began scribbling rapidly upon a new piece of paper while the official returned to Cooke. "We have received no word of such involvement, and to be quite frank we cannot authorize any cooperation with such activity without proper approval from the authorities in Kings Port. I'm sure you, as a naval man, can appreciate that we require proper approvals before assisting in any such operations. As for L'Olius' ignorance of the current situation" the man went on, shrugging his shoulders "I fear that is a question you must put before him." 

"And I shall convey to the Grand Admiral that the authorities in Nola Mar will not commit to cooperation without word from Kings Port. May I take your name and title so that his staff can contact you?"

“Yes, the Grand Admiral, another point I wish to discuss” the official replied, once again ignoring Cooke’s question in favor of asking his own. “Why are you working with L’Olius instead of Oldis? Why is your pass from the Grand Admiral and not the Archduke?”

"Does it make a difference?" he asked pointedly, the official’s avoidance of the earlier question clearly annoying Cooke. "The mainstay of the Corlander mission to Terraversa is currently in Westface cooperating with L'Olius, who is also the instigator of our survey..."

"Wouldn't you find it odd if someone on an official mission for Corrington avoided Belson and instead got orders and passes from an admiral in another city" the official interrupted "especially if that person had first visited Belson? And no doubt you are aware that many view L'Olius as a challenger to Oldis' rule. One could easily view these actions as being in support of this upstart over the legitimate government."

Feigning surprise he replied: "Not at all. In Corrington, any local authority can issue passports." And raising an eyebrow, he said in something like disbelief. "Are you suggesting there are competing factions for the rule of Terraversa? Pray share your thoughts!" Sending the official an inquisitive glance, he continued: "I take it Nola Mar is loyal to the rule of Arch-duke Oldis? Just like Grand Admiral L'Olius of the Terraversan Navy is." 

"Any official you say, I shall be certain to remember that," the official said in a tone that conveyed he had no intention of remembering that (nor would he have to with the scribes recording every word). "As for the politics in Terraversa" he held out his hands as if helpless "what would a mere servant of this backwater town know? Surely in your travels to Kings Port and Westface you've heard the rumors of L'Olius' goals and the tension between those two men? I'd certainly be surprised if your intelligence" using a translation that could refer either to Cooke personally or the Corrish intelligence service "would have failed to note something that is common knowledge even among the peasantry." 

"I was not aware. I am a naval officer, not a politician." he replied blank-faced before continuing. "As is perfectly natural, for our naval cooperation, we are in contact with the Terraversan Admiralty under the Grand Admiral?.." Cooke gave a lopsided smile and added with veiled disdain: "Or perhaps the... mayor?.. of this minor settlement thinks to correct his superiors in Westface and Kings Port?"

"You know I think you're right," grinned the official "I think it would be in our best interests to contact my authorities in Kingsport before proceeding further. But I would hate for such a delay to result in you missing your rendezvous with your ship and this vital surveying mission, and so I fear I must make decisions without their guidance. Afterall, the delay you’ve already endured after surrendering to the guards…

"Surrender? Am I a prisoner?" Cooke replied with a slight snarl. "As I realised the local authorities were looking for me, I assumed it was to rectify the error of not initially welcoming me and answering my questions..."  

The guards tensed at Cooke's reaction, and the official was slightly taken back, but he almost immediately regained his composure. "Forgive me, sir, but usually if one is looking for authorities they start by looking for the administrative building," he said gesturing about before continuing with a hint of sarcasm. "I have found it very uncommon that hydrological surveys are maintained in gatehouses leading out of the city. Furthermore, sir, I have found it to be the visitor's duty to make a point of seeking out their hosts, and not the host's duty to go searching a city for visitors who fail to report with the local authorities." 

At this point a servant brought some refreshments in the form of wine (Chateau Richemont, 616), cheeses, and meats. A few fruits were also on the tray. The official offered them to Cooke before proceeding to indulge himself. 

"I figured the gate was the best place to find a guard to take me to... you?.." he said, accepting a glass of wine and some food, sipping sparingly. "Pardon me for my lack of familiarity with the settlement, but after being refused by the harbour master, I was quite at a loss as to whom to go to. And I will stress again that while the survey is the main purpose of my mission, first I had to establish contact."

"So the many patrols and heavy guard at the gates are not for my benefit? I had the distinct impression you were looking for me."

"This whole affair, this whole discussion… I must say I find it all very unusual" the official said staring intently into Cooke's eyes, more intently than he had been this whole conversation. "The harbor master refuses you permission to dock, so you find an empty pier to use. Conveniently when it is late and no one notices. Yet despite the late hour you still manage to find suitable lodging. And all this time you manage to avoid noticing any of the patrols who could have directed you to this building, avoid asking any civilians for the appropriate authority figure, and clearly assume that a gate leading out of town is the best place to look. 

"As do I this interrogation, sir!" Cooke said sharply and rose, his large stature now showing. "I believe I have nothing more to add and should wish to return to my ship. I bid you farewell and thank you for your... hospitality." he added and motioned for his belongings and papers.

At Cooke's sudden movement the guards at the door took a few steps towards him, one moving his hand to his hanger while the other shifted his musket for a quick strike (if the need arose). The scribes froze, one failing to notice drops of ink falling off his quill, and the official, though outwardly stunned at Cooke's response was secretly pleased at the progress he had made. "How do you intend to return to your ship if you do not even remember the name of the men who delivered you here? And from what I see" he said glancing at Cooke's belongings "you certainly don't have any funds to hire a new vessel." 

Cooke eyed the guards with subdued draconian satisfaction before returning his attention to the official. "Am I to take it you will detain me by force? An officer of the Royal Navy carrying papers from the Grand Admiral?.." he asked, then changed his tone to a more cordial one. "Or am I free to leave? I can assure you, you need not worry yourself with how I shall return. I have enough gold in my purse to hire a boat, and I am certain a number of them will be available at the docks." he added, motioning first to his purse on the table, then towards the port

The official shook his head "I doubt that very much, Captain. This gold is clearly the illicit gains from a smuggling operation. Or perhaps bribes to support treason against the true ruler of Terraversa. Whichever it is I doubt very much that any of our honest" he said placing emphasis on the word "sailors would dare take your corrupted doubloons." 

Cooke stood rigid with rage, furrowed brow and the official continued. "Captain Cooke, I don't know what to believe. All I know if your answers were evasive or nonexistent. When you did answer, you left me with a story comprised of unlikely, in some cases fantastically unlikely, explanations. Normally, sir, I would turn you over the Kings Port for the authorities to determine what to do with you, but I fear given your alliance with the treacherous L'Olius such a course of action is simply too risky. No, no you must be detained here until the authorities from Kings Port can be brought here" at which an expression of concern ran across the face of almost everyone in the room. "You shall be detained, and provided you do not attempt to escape this detention shall be as comfortable as a man of your rank should expect." 

Cooke's eyes shot a furious glance back, but was that a hint of smugness mixing with the rage? "So I am to consider myself a prisoner? So be it. I shall remember your face, if not your name, and your accusations, good sir." he said venomously. "I require a receipt for the 'confiscated' funds and other belongings, and shall desire you to take me to my cell."

"Consider yourself whatever you like," the official dismissed as he reviewed a listing of Cooke's affects. "One naval sword, one pass from L'Olius, dated 620 and giving Captain Jonathan Cooke the right to travel about Terraversa, no official approval from Kings Port on the document" the official continued "and a purse containing five golden Corrish crowns two Marderian doubloons for some illicit activity. Is that all, yes, I already returned your commission to you. Now then, if you'd be so kind as to sign these, I think you will find everything in order," concluded the official sliding the identical lists and a quill towards Cooke.   

 "And Captain, if you can give me your word as an officer and a gentleman representing the esteemed crown of Corrington that you shall not make any violence or make any effort to escape until the officials from Kings Port arrive to resolve this matter I shall see to it that your quarters are as comfortable as we can reasonably provide."

Crossing out any mention of illicit activity, Cooke signed both documents and pocketed the one. He then said, "As is customary, will I be allowed freedom of movement within the settlement if I give my parole, or will I be confined to quarters?.."


The official considered Cooke's request before shaking his head in denial. "I am not overly familiar with naval customs, sir, but my understanding is such a privilege is only extended to prisoners of war. As your detention is based on the civil statutes and not a state of war your request for free movement must be denied at this time. However" he continued before Cooke could respond "we shall consider various means of providing you with outdoors recreation, and we are willing to reconsider this restriction in the future." 


A short, almost imperceptible look of dismay ran across Cooke's features at the hint of long imprisonment, but swiftly this changed. With the narrowed eyes of anger and a distinct impression of disdain, he leaned in over the table and said with a low snarl: "You dare ask me, as an officer and gentleman, to give you..." he almost spat out the word. "...who have not even risen to questions of name nor station... my word of honour?"

Fixing the eyes of the official, he continued sharply, interrupting the official just before he could reply. "And this under unspecified 'civil statutes' with no explanation whatsoever? With no assurances as to the conditions of my... incarceration. You give me no reason to expect that such will respected honourably in return." He drew in breath sharply. "This, 'sir', I neither can nor will do!"

He withdrew with a dark smile and threw up his hands. "This will have consequences... Now, if you please. Take me to my cell..."


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Posted (edited)

Meanwhile outside the interrogation building the clouds before the storm were gathering...

He is a spy! Lynch him! Hang him! Burn him! Torture him with a feather!!! To the guillotine! Hand the spy to us!!!


Just a flavor pic :pir_tong2:

Edited by blackdeathgr

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Posted (edited)

How quickly the mob gathers! Watch them baying for blood! Fear the wrath of their torches and...




is that a fish? 


Edited by Ross Fisher

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Posted (edited)

Hahahahaha, ofc there is a fish! I assure you that their reaction was totally spontaneous so each grabbed whatever he could find!

Awesome video btw!

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After several days spent in a residence, or should we say a place of incarceration, Sir Cooke began to grow impatient. It was a mansion situated near a bridge,  Sir Cooke didn't know if this arrangement was intentional, since it was the same bridge he was hidden in when he firstly landed in Nola Mar. Nevertheless this arrangement had the only effect to aggravate his bad temper. Even the finest Oleander Terraversan wine wasn't good enough to consolate him.

Today, the man guarding him was a former Mardierian, a veteran of colonial war, he was wearing proudly the plastron of his old regiment, this together with the morion, gives him an archaic look, contrasting with the lastest model of musket in his hands.


@Bregir This build is not intended to affect on the outcome of Cooke's situation, it's just for fun.:laugh:

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Somewhere in Nola Mar, the loyalists gathered in an old fort received the visit of a small group of foreigner, though wearing civilian clothes, they were betrayed by their manners. The commandant of the loyalists, a former Mardierian officer, was pleased to find hiscounterparts among the visitors.


The volunteers forming the rank of these loyalists were unaware of the content of the conversation between their officers with these foreigners, but when the later ones came back a few day later, they didn't come empty handed.


When arms, ammunations and provisions were delivered to their hideout, they knew they were going to walk out from the clandestinity.



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Another turn! Mardierians on the loose! What'll happen next?

AMAZING fort.. I love the colours and the robuust look of the entire structure!

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A Corlander delegation has landed in Nola Mar and made a declaration: All shipping will be stopped and inspected until Captain Cooke is restored to his ship! :pir-oh3:



Also, great fort, @Bodi! It is really looking sharp and there are so many details!

I also notice Cooke's confinement has no bars on the windows... :pir-tongue: You are entirely right about his temper, though! :pir-grin:

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53 minutes ago, Ross Fisher said:

Are you sure? That delegate looks a lot like an Oleonaise Foreign Legionairre:

Quite certain... :pir-tongue:

But I see how it could get confusing. You can spot the difference in that a proper Corlander Naval Officer doesn't stop every two minutes for praying to some absurd deity! :pir-wink:


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On 6/2/2020 at 11:38 PM, Bregir said:

Cooke's confinement has no bars on the windows...

If you so wish, bars will be installed to these windows.:pir-tongue:

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5 hours ago, Bodi said:

If you so wish, bars will be installed to these windows.:pir-tongue:

And chains. And boulders. 

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And a single bullet pistol. You know, in case he wants to depart...

The world can clearly see one foreigner eating TV's food for free. What else can a man ask??? :pir_tong2: And he has clearly overstayed their hospitality!

angry mob


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