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[OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

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  • Ships: Esprit Tyche,  The Eastern Trader,  Esprit Fortune,  Le Protecteur, and  Centurion
  • Gold: REDACTED
  • Troops: None of your business
  • Builds
    • Prelude: Getting Started (AKA This Post)
    • Chapter 1: TBD 

23766821448_68d51c34bb_c.jpgA-MCRA Beginning by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"My lord, may I present Mayor Henri Hollande" announced the servant with a bow. In one of the gardens behind the massive Royal Mint in Breshaun. 

"My lord" said Henri as he knelt on one knee and kissed l'Anneau de Vele, the Ring of Vele, which rested upon the right middle finger of Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele et Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon (among other things).

"See to it that we are not disturbed" Pierre ordered the servant. Returning to his guest, he went on "we have a problem, Henri, and I expect you to fix it." 

37571132076_6a59a7885c_c.jpgA-MCRA Beginning by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Almost immediately Henri began to sweat. Surely the Directeur wasn't referring to the books. After all, for all his faults, Henri was an honest man and kept decent records. Perhaps the growth then? Lavalette was a little behind schedule when it came to development. No, that wasn't it. The Directeur wouldn't be wasting his time on this. Ah! Henri thought. I know what he's talking about.

"My lord, perhaps I drink more than the average man, but to call it a problem is grossly unfair..."

"Your blatant alcoholism is not the issue" interrupted the Directeur. "No, this issue is far more important than sobriety. You should be made aware that Terraversa has recently succeeded in gaining independence from Mardier."

"Zeus' beard!" swore Henri. "When did this happen!" 

"I believe it was almost six months ago," Pierre replied. "I did write you several letters on the subject. Hopefully your secretary is sober enough to remember the details.

"Now, as for the matter at hand. The main issue here is that we don't know anything about Terraversa. Given their location, they could easily intercept our shipping traveling between the old and new worlds. And it wouldn't even have to be their ships. If hostiles have access to any of the ports on that island, they could use it to stage attacks against us." 

"A serious issue to be sure" mused Henri. "But I must say that it seems more like speculation than fact." 

"And I intend to keep it that way,” continued Pierre, slightly surprised by Henri’s intelligent response. “We must take steps to ensure that Terraversa does not present a threat to our shipping.”

Henri slowly nodded his head. “And where does Lavalette fit into this, my lord.”

“It does not. You are here because I need someone to lead the expedition.”

“But my lord! I am not qualified to lead such a mission! You need someone who is cunning and skilled diplomatically. Surely I don’t fit this category!” Henri cried.

“For once I agree with you, Henri. Unfortunately, I simply cannot spare anyone else. No, don’t reply, the decision has been made” said Lord Vele before Henri could interject. “My secretary will provide you with papers containing further details and any possible seal you may need, from the King's to Calida's.”

“Calida?” questioned Henri. The rivalry between the leader of the Order and the young Duke wasn't exactly a secret, and Henri couldn't imagine those two agreeing on how to kill a Corrie. 

“He may not care for me, but he is a shrewd politician.”

“But what did he want in return?” inquired Henri.

23766822238_0102f52e7d_c.jpgA-MCRA Beginning by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Pierre paused and stared at Henri before continuing. “Nothing that concerns you. Now, we must quit wasting time. The fleet is loaded with men and supplies, and I will not have it miss the tide due to your delays.”

“But what of Lavalette? How will it survive without me?” asked Henri in a last desperate attempt to get out of the mission.

“I am certain the distilleries will survive your brief absence. Good day, Henri.”

Oh dear, thought Henri as he bowed and exited. All this was simply too much excitement for one morning. Surely he would need a drink.

36909308044_792c2f2e71_c.jpgA-MCRA Beginning by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

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"You bought a theatre?" Elise asked incredulously.
"It's a sound investment. People love the arts," Emile replied.
"Then why is no one here?"
"I wanted the first performance to be for just us."
Elise frowned. "What are you bribing me for?"
"Just watch the show."
Emile barely payed attention to the opera. His mind was elsewhere, off on to the adventure he was soon to undertake, as well as watching Elise, not knowing when he would return from his mission. He picked up somethings from the show, the main character played some instrument, he was named Sad-something. Sadlo? Sadkey? He wasn't too sure. But it was about a sailor leaving his wife for an adventure, becoming trapped by the sea and eventually returning rich. Elise on the otherhand was enthralled by the opera, even crying at some heavy moments. After the players took their bows, Emile finally let Elise know he was headed to a farflung lands for Oleon. He couldn't tell her exactly what was happening, not that he knew what to expect anyway.
Elise questioned Emile on the opera, "So why this one?"
"It was what they had ready," Emile responded, somewhat confused at what she was getting at.
"So you didn't pick this opera for the story or message?"
"Not really."
"You don't get it do you?" she asked, annoyance becoming evident in her voice.
"Honestly," Emile said, "no."
Elise let out a heavy sigh. "Just don't marry some merman's daughter, alright?" She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before standing. "Now come, let's get home and make sure you'll miss me." With that, Elise left.
"Isn't bigamy illegal?" Emile asked himself, his mind still on the marriage issue.


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@Captain Genaro, @Bodi, @Dukesc, @KotZ

As the impressive fleet of merchant vessels venture north towards Terraversa, the skies are clear and the sea calm. Almost unnaturally calm, but the reason soon appears - pulp and palm trees, obvious signs of a recent storm tearing trees from the ground of nearby islands. It is smooth sailing for the RNTC, who, despite... differences with the order of the Faith, appear to be blessed by Poseidon himself. Hollande almost finds it pleasant, being in a state of drunken stupor, rather than his usual rabid seasickness.

Tearing through the silence, the look-outs suddenly hails the deck, almost simultaneously across the 5 vessels. "Multiple sails, hulls down, two points off the larboard bow!" in sharp seamen's voices.

"I see one ship-rigged, a brig, and one, no two fore-and-aft rigged vessels!" the Centurion's sharp-eyed young look-out barks. "All deep in the water, rig all ahoo! Flying signals of distress, asking for assistance."

Henri Hollande looks to the naval officers around him, his gaze revealing that he is in no way comfortable with the situation. Neither the naval etiquette, the navigational consequences, nor the organisational challenges connected with such a situation is within his experience or skill set. He sighs to himself while his hand gropes for the flask in his coat - he should never have been put in this situation...

The fleet is now faced with a dilemma: The distressed ships are far away to leeward, the sun is low on the horizon, and a rescue mission will mean hours, maybe days lost in their progress towards Terraversa, and the prospect of bringing on a large group of distressed, cold, and wet foreigners in need of dry clothes, food, water, and a place to sling their cot is enough to make any captain fret. But then again, the ethics of the Brick Seas would have anyone help a fellow sailor in distress...

What will Hollande and his officers do?

  • "Ehrm... Capitaine? We them." Hollande suggests vaguely, followed immediately by the sharp orders of the sea officer. "Bring her about, make all sail and prepare to lower the boats for a rescue operation. Carpenters and mates, prepare shot plugs, fothering sails, and tools for emergency repairs. Bosun and mates, be ready to set up jury rigs."
    Your builds must include: A boat somehow being prepared for aiding the distressed sailors; craftsmen preparing to help with repairs, including their tools and materials; and some part of the actual rescue or repair effort. 4 builds required in total.
  • "We have a mission to complete... Poseidon will see to their judgment" croaks Hollande, before turning away with a sip of his flask. Surely, neither the RNTC nor Calida would take it lightly should he take to dilly-dalliying his time away with humanitarian adventures.
    Your builds must include: A microscale of one or more ships in distress in the distance; docking at Terraversa (microscale possible). 3 builds required in total.
  • "Capitaine, could we not split up the fleet...?" Hollande says with a pleading gaze. "Certainly, monsieur!" the swift response falls. "How will you divide the fleet?"
    Your builds must include: Signalling orders to break up the fleet; distressed sailors welcoming their saviours; sighting of Terraversa (microscale possible) by the part of the fleet that presses on. 4 builds required in total. It must be clear how the fleet and other resources are divided.

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"Capitaine, could we not split up the fleet...?" Hollande says with a pleading gaze.

 "Certainly, monsieur!" the swift response falls. "How will you divide the fleet?"

37556014695_6f526b606a_z.jpgP1110657 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Hollande paused for a moment and stared at the commodore. How could anyone so stupid be put in a position of authority, he wondered. “Well, Commodore, it’s really quite simple,” Hollande continued, speaking very slow. “We send some of the ships on their original course while the remainder are sent to help those ships. A simple signal should do the trick.”

Almost immediately the Commodore began fuming, but before he could say something he would later regret, Hollande's grey-clad aid, Oliver, intervened.

“I do believe, sir, that the Commodore was less concerned about the technicalities of dividing a fleet and more with which ships you would like to send to each location.”

“Oh… yes, but of course…” replied Hollande, his voice trailing off. “Well. Hmm, we could always send… uhh,” he said with a pleading glance to Oliver.

“Perhaps we should yield to the Commodore’s experience and judgement on the matter?”

“Yes, quite right, just what I was about to say. Commodore,” continued Hollande as he straightened his posture, “I believe this delicate decision falls under your purview.” 

24571514688_5e4fc3421a_z.jpgP1110656 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

“Captain Belfonce,” roared the Commodore in his deep, booming voice. “Signal the Eastern Trader and Esprit Fortune to prepare to receive the launch.” As the captain relayed these commands to the lieutenant of the watch, the Commodore turned back to Hollande. “And perhaps, sir, you would be so kind as to write down your orders so that I may have them delivered.”

“Certainly, Commodore, certainly.” Hollande replied. “Now, Mr. Oliver, take note. The captains are to save those ships but must not linger. No, they must go there and do what can be done before returning to join us in Kings Port. Hmm, and perhaps it would be wise to give them some doubloons. Yes, we’ll go sort out some doubloons to ensure they are well supplied. Shame, but there’ll be no time to shift any of the soldiers, but oh well, those ships are plenty big,” Hollande said as his rambling came to an end.

“Yes, sir, I’ll get right on it,” said Oliver as he dashed back to the cabin and get some parchment.

As Oliver ran off and the seamen ran about their duties, Hollande just stared into the water. It had been a pretty rough day, and he made a lot of decisions. The stress of command really was getting to him. Perhaps it was time for a drink.  

37556016315_4a964ea20c_z.jpgP1110659 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr



An overview shot. I did my best to follow @Kolonialbeamter's Commerce de Breshaun, the ship the Espirit Tyche is based on. 


37556012705_3e8a5bee41_z.jpgP1110655 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr


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Seeing the signal given by their commodore aboard of Esprit Tyche, the captain of Centurion, a former officer of la Royale, veteran of many battles, promptly transmitted the order to his crew. The jolly boat was lowered in a jiffy and headed towards the TER vessels in difficulty.

Bernard the red cape, appointed himself the captain of the boat, harassed the seamen with confusing and contradictory instructions, the seamen opted to ignore him and carried out their tasks methodically and silently. Soon, they arrived at the vicinity of TER ships and discovered that one of their ships was sinking, in the water, three or four sailors were struggling to stay afloat.15085086152_DISPLAY.jpg

- “Hold on, we are here to help you!” With this being said, the RNTC sailors and Bernard helped the shipwreck seamen to get aboard of their boat.15083993841_DISPLAY.jpg

With a few consolating words and some bottles of rum, the Oleanders sailors managed to comfort their TER colleagues and set the course to Centurion.15107556481_DISPLAY.jpg

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Here's the part of entry build by @KotZ, he's momentarily unavaible so I took the liberty to post for him.:grin:


"Alright, let's bring her about, we've got places to be," Emile said after the orders had been given. The Centurion and Le Protecteur accepted the signal and followed the Esprit Tyche. Emile continued, "Hollande thinks this place is worth checking out, let's get there fast."


The ships sailed past some wreckage of the ships that had drifted, caused by the hurricane. Emile remembered some of the images seared in his mind from the recent war of the destruction and the refugees; he prayed Terraversa wasn't devastated.

"There she is! King's Port!" the man in the crow's nest of the flagship, the Esprit Tyche shouted as Terraversa came in sight. Emile made his way across the deck and saw the lighthouse on an outcropping, as well as two ships approaching.

"Can anyone see if their gunports are open?" Emile called out. He searched for his spyglass. Of course when he needed it, it was nowhere to be found. "Does King's Port look to have sustained any damage?"

"Don't look so, captain!" someone shouted.

Hollande asked, "To which question?"

A moment passed. A silent, tense moment.

"Port looks intact, and no cannons in view!" the same voice replied.

"Well that's good," Emile muttered to himself.





Edited by Bodi

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"What's that?" yelled a forward lookout, "the nearest ship, Kuga appears to be signaling to board. Commodore what should we do?" The Commodore replied, "let them come aboard, we need to talk with them." 



Edited by Dukesc

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 “Very well, it seems that we are going to receive some guests aboard.” Said the Captain while retracting his telescope.

 “Captain, I’d like to suggest you to invite them to have a conversation in the grande cabine, there’s something I’d like to ask them.” Said Mlle Valois.

 “Let’s have this conversation together, there’s also something I’d like to know.” Replied the captain.

In the cabin of Centurion, the captain of TER vessel and his first mate were invited to dinner, they were served with plenty of booze and found it difficult to maintain control of their tongue.



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@Captain Genaro @KotZ @Bodi @Dukesc


The expedition has now effectively been split up, with Hollande and the main fleet reaching Kings Port on schedule, while the Eastern Trader and the Esprit Fortune has gone to save the wrecked sailors.

On board the Esprit Fortune

The shipwrecked vessels were swiftly determined to be Terraversan,as was their crews. Of the four ships only a brig-of-war and a small traders sloop is still afloat, although the brig is badly damaged and in risk of sinking. Her hull is filled with weapons and supplies, but it will take significant repairs to make her seaworthy once more.

The captain of the Esprit Fortune has been entertaining the Terraversan captain and first mate, who in their intoxication gave away that the mission of the Terraversan squadron was to bring weapons and supplies to Prio to support the Duke of Prio in his own struggle against Mardier. Apparently, the two young nations consider themselves brothers in arms. And now they are asking you to help them in delivering these supplies - saying it would be a great service to Terraversan independence. That their mission is critical.

However, your orders were clear: Save the sailors and proceed to Kings Port at all possible speed.

  • Damn that drunk - Hollande is incompetent and helping the Terraversans will surely grant me their favour, and hence that of both Crown and RNTC.There are a few options here...
    • We will take the time to repair the brig before sailing towards Prio to deliver the goods. Show your carpenters and crews making repairs on the holed hull of the brig.
    • There is no time to waste. Reload the cargo into the Terraversan sloop, the Esprit Fortune and the Eastern Trader and head for Prio. Show the crowded decks of the vessels as they make their way east towards Prio.
  • Orders are orders for any respectable Olean officer. It is not my place to question them! The RNTC shall get what it asked for.
    • Leave the supplies and set all sails for Kings Port. Show part of the process of setting sails.
    • These supplies will be valuable to either the Terraversans or the RNTC. Let us load them and head towards Kings Port. Show the process of loading or stowing the weapons and supplies.
    • The brig has value to the young nation. Make temporary repairs and set out towards Westface, the closest settlement. Show temporary repairs, perhaps a fothering sail or similar?

In Kings Port

The first boat to arrive at the squadron was not, as expected, the harbour master, but instead a local representative from the order of the faith. And the local priest of Hades was not pleased. "Where is the rest of the squadron? I was promised five vessels, and here I see but three!" It was obvious that the Faith was not happy, and they could be terrible enemies or powerful allies throughout the Brick Seas. The priest left after requiring Hollande to meet him ashore as soon as possible, just as the harbour master's official launch set out.

"Kings Port is a busy harbour and extends all possible service to the visiting ships. However, for that, we charge 40 dbs per vessel per month. I expect no objections..." (120 dbs taken from adventure treasure) The harbour master said with some pomp. "And might I ask of your purpose here?"

Both the order of the Faith and official Terraversa is requiring your attention, but perhaps other pursuits would be more constructive?

  • The order cannot be offended. Meet the local priest as requested and discuss your plans and those of the faith. Show the temple (can be a microbuild, or an interior, or a full temple) and describe the conversations happening within. What is it the Order wants?
  • It will be suspicious if we do not make an official visit to the Terraversan authorities. Show the meeting with local officials. Who do you meet and what do you discuss?
  • As long as we pay our fees, they will think we are just another trade fleet. What we really need is to gauge the atmosphere. We must make secret contact to Mardierian Loyalists. Our relations to Mardier will surely gain us access to their secret circles. What power would it not give us to wield them as an ally, exploit them by blackmail, or to reveal them to the Terraversans? There is nothing to lose.

At least three builds required, but more encouraged. These may be distributed freely, but at least one build is required to progress any of the two parts of the mission. There are many dilemmas to face for both subgroups - how may the Terraversans react?

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Late that night, on board of one of the ships of the TER convoy, the poor seamen, after hours of struggle with the tempest, were horrified by an unexpected spectacle – their captain has fled in a dinghy with the treasure chest.

- Come back here, you coward, you’d sink with the ship! Yelled the TER sailors left on board the wind-battered brig.

- Me hearties, since there’s no child or woman on board, it’s reasonable to observe the privilege of rank, I’m the highest ranking officer, it's normal I go first. Replied captain Bird.


 We are doomed! Wait, I see two silhouettes approaching, two dinghies, full of bluecoats! Exclaimed a sailor leaning against the siding.

He was not mistaken, the bluecoats were heading towards the brig in distress.

- Put everything you got, messieurs, commanded Oliver on board of one of the dinghy, the RNTC seamen, who were already rowing frenetically, rowed even faster.


Once on board, and after having tried their best to evaluate the level of damage, the Oleanders and the Terraversans decided it should be wise to fother the hull first, luckily, the bluecoats have brought fothering materials with them, they rapidly proceeded to their task, while the two dinghies were sent back to search new sails to replace the tattered ones.


The men left on board hadn’t put too effort to right the ship, the hull was only slightly damaged by storm, if they hadn’t panicked, the Terraversans should be able to save the ship by themself. It seems that the departure of Mardierans had not only deprived them of able officers, but also experienced sailors. Oliver was briefly distracted by these thoughts that he didn’t noticed the new sails arrived.


Luckily enough, the RNTC seamen proved to be more competent than their Terraversan colleagues, soon, new sails were hoisted.


After having conversed with the Ter sailors, Oliver ordered to set cape to Westface.


At dawn, the inhabitants of the harbour were surprised to see a bowsprit pointing at their windows.


A blackcoat militia rushed out of the outpost to meet these unexpected guests. It was a poorly trained, undisciplined farmer-turned-soldier who can barely load a musket and is overworked due to a lack of soldiers and is so lacking in moral that he would surrender to any moderately-armed band of midshipmen. 


He was more or less reconforted to learn this was a TER ship, but the sight of Oleanders has aroused again his inquietude. Oliver had to explain why they are here and persuade him he needs them to unload the supplies properly.



Edited by Bodi

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I'm really liking that tattered vessel, Bodi - flawless incorporation of those prefabs in there!  The reparations and new sails look great as well, but I'm wondering what happened to that rascally captain? :pir_laugh2:  Neat work with the dock scene too!

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Aye, the build of the hastily repaired ship looks great. The port scene is also very nicely done!


IC, as for Captain Bird: if he is looking for a new job, the WTC can offer him one! He should better bring that treasure chest with him though. :pir-grin:

OOC: If there are no further plans for his character in this story or any other, I would happily use him for the WTC. Any further discussion on this can be done by PM.

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Back in Kings Port: 

The Order cannot be offended. A junior officer can meet with the local authorities to ensure the paperwork is in order, but nothing short of Hollande's presence would be acceptable to the Order. 

39511144492_4a11affb4c_z.jpgMeeting at the Temple by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Hollande and his companions quickly reached the massive Temple of Poseidon. Only a few blocks away from the wharf, the marble-covered dome towered over the city. After explaining their purpose to a guard, they were escorted through various gates and halls until they reached a large room with a pool in the center. The guide instructed Hollande to wait and then left to find the priest. Hollande began inspecting every inch of the room with childish curiosity while his two companions simply prayed that Hollande would at least appear professional before the priests arrived. 

38644710305_9a892bda46_z.jpgMeeting at the Temple by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

But their prayers fell on deaf ears. Just as Hollande was jumping to try and get a better view out the window, a door opened and several priests entered, escorted by several guards. The guards took up positions around the room, Hollande returned to his companions, and the priests approached. 

"Your excellency," Hollande said to the High Priest of Poseidon with a bow. 

"I hope the Anemoi blessed your voyage more than they blessed our town," the High Priest replied, referencing the recent hurricane. "But seeing your lack of ships, I fear that is not the case."

"The Anemoi blessed our sails and Poseidon our hulls," continued Hollande, his two companions simply shocked by the proper response.

"But, your excellency," Hollande continued "I fear that I must disappoint you. I know not for what purpose your boorish and ill-mannered cleric requested my presence here, but it is my task, not yours which must be given priority."

"You would presume to dictate priorities to the Order?" the priest cold replied. It was not every day someone showed such contempt for the Order, and those that did rarely lived long. 

38644706285_b87ffc8e77_z.jpgMeeting at the Temple by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Eh, not quite," said Hollande as he fumbled around in his jacket for something. One of Hollande's companions pulled something out of his jacket and stood behind Hollande with a polite cough. 

"Hm? Oh, that's right, you have it! I'm much obliged, Michaels. I believe this will clarify the present situation," Hollande victoriously declared as he handed the paper to the High Priest.

38644699435_f011ef2411_z.jpgMeeting at the Temple by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

The High Priest's eyes widened at the sight of Lord Calida's seal on the parchement. He carefully opened it, read the contents, and then turned to the priests besides him. They stood there, gravely muttering for a few minutes, examining every inch of the document and discussing its contents.  With a resigned sigh, the High Priest turned to Hollande. 

38644694785_1187e87e91_z.jpgMeeting at the Temple by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"How did you obtain this document?"

"Lord Vele had enough foresight to provide it to me before our departure."

"These orders are not at all what I expected." 

"And I sincerely hope this does not inconvenience your plans, but you will see that Lord Calida requires you to how did he put it, 'extend all courtesy and assistance with the mission," Hollande smugly replied. It wasn't everyday the RNTC got to give the Order orders, much less a High Priest. 

"Only an imbecile could conceive such a plan, and I doubt the Lord Chancellor signed this willingly." 

"The paper is authentic, and as much as I would love to discuss Court politics with you, I fear I have more pressing matters." 

The High Priest took a deep breath, turned to the green-clad Cleric, and declared "handle this" before storming out, leaving only the sole priest and Hollande's group. 

38644689745_fdd33e7d76_z.jpgMeeting at the Temple by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Artemis?" Hollande asked referring to the green-priest's garb. The priest nodded. "I didn't know your community had a presence beyond Boussac."

"I go where my superiors send me, but as you said sir, we have more pressing matters." 

"Of course, of course. Now, I don't mean to seem rude, but you read Calida's letter. Woudn't one of Hades' spies be better suited for this? The one that came to my ship, perhaps?"

At this the priest grinned. "You fear that the High Priest does this to sabotage you." After a brief pause to enjoy the look of surprise on Hollande's face, the priest continued. "No, no. This is not a job for assassins. This is a job for a huntress." The priest pulled out a pencil and some parchment from his robes and began writing. 

"What in Zeus' name is the difference, a huntress versus an assassin?" Hollande whispered to one of his companions who simply shrugged. 

The priest turned to Hollande and handed him the paper. "Follow these directions, meet these people, and I think you will find the skills of the huntress to be far more valuable."

OOC: If you re-read the first post, you will see that Lord Vele did in fact obtain a document with Lord Calida's seal for Hollande.

Also, thank you all for your comments. I am pleased to see that you are enjoying our builds and stories.

Edited by Captain Genaro

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Nice build, Captain G! - looks very suitable as a temple of the Order, and the story's got me intrigued as well!  Looking forward to seeing where this is going :excited:

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11 hours ago, Garmadon said:

I'm really liking that tattered vessel, Bodi - flawless incorporation of those prefabs in there!  The reparations and new sails look great as well, but I'm wondering what happened to that rascally captain? :pir_laugh2:  Neat work with the dock scene too!

Thank you Garm! Glad you like it. As to that rascal, I think it'd be better to let some more imaginative mind to decide his fate (WTC).:devil:

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"Come on, let's get those in here before more foul weather comes in!" Emile called out before turning back to feed the horse. He'd been around very few horses, due to his time at sea, so seeing some on Terra Versa was a welcome familiarity.

"Oof!" one of the Oleander men groaned as he pulled off one of the barrels.

"There's only a few more wagons left," the shirtless man told Emile, his accent thick and difficult to understand. "Then everything should be safely in the warehouse here in King's Port."

"What a stroke of could fortune we found your ships," Emile replied.

"For that, we thank you," the Terra Versan responded with a bow of the head.


After most of the goods had been stowed, the man pulled Emile aside into the warehouse. "You've no idea how glad I am to see you," he said, his thick accent mysteriosuly changed to one more of Mardier.

"I thought your accent was somewhat comical," Emile replied, going to shake the man's hand. "What shall I call you?"

"It's too dangerous to give my name as of now," the Marderian loyalist. "For now, call me Solomon."

"Well, 'Solomon,'" Emile said, "I'm glad we've been able to make contact. There's a few others on this parchment I need to meet. A huntress? Isn't she a religious figure"

"Ah, she is certainly real," he returned, a smile growing on his face. "She is difficult to track down, but we'll find her. Just be patient."


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@Captain Genaro, @Bodi, @KotZ, @Dukesc

The RNTC expedition has been split up with the main mission docked in King's Port, while the rescue party, the rescued sailors, and the salvaged brig has landed in Westface. The two expeditions have lost contact.

(Should confidential information make part of the aMRCA, write to Bregir to arrange for means of exchanging information to the gamemasters. Please note that this adventure is a bit hard to keep track off, so please forgive us, if we have missed something.)

In King's Port:

(Centurion, Le Protecteur, and Esprit Tyche)

Calida's seal opened many a door, and the local representatives of the faith had been very forthcoming since the meeting. Most of the expedition had eyed the greenly clad priest of Artemis with both confusion and suspicion, cautiously wondering what his presence signified, but few explanations had been offered. Some spoke of the 'Huntress', although none could say who she was. Additionally, it was whispered in the dark corners of the fleet that Emile had been approached by agents of the Loyalist faction, who are still looking to bring Mardierian rule back to Terraversa. Few knew what had come out of this meeting, but some were muttering that the troops were here as a preparation force for a Mardierian invasion.

These events were all adding to the talk between the sailors and soldiers, and the frequent meetings in the great cabin of the Esprit Tyche only exasperated the speculations further. The (somewhat diminished) fleet was awash with rumours.

And in the midst of this commotion, a young lieutenant had arrived from the Royal Palace of King's Port, now seat of Miro Oldis, Archduke of Terraversa, and center of government of the new nation. The quartermaster at the con had overheard his report to Hollande and the commodore and had quickly become one of the most popular men on board, his evening meals often sweetened by tots of rum from his messmates wanting to hear the story again.

"Hollande, Commodore" the young lieutenant was reported to have said with a bow to each. "I bring word from his excellency, Archduke Miro Oldis, leader of the Noble Republic Terraversa."

"Cut the red tape and let us have it!" Hollande said sourly, suffering from a bad hangover and with no patience for dilly-dallying.

"Certainly, monsieur, pardon. They expressed some concern that only a lieutenant showed up, and I wasn't able to answer their questions to satisfaction..." He said, unsure of how to continue. "Pardon me for being blunt, sirs, but they informed me that they expected an explanation. I was to tell you with great conviction that Terraversa would not be intimidated by a few ships and soldiers, if that was Oleon's intention, but that should the fleet be carrying an official representative of King Philip I here to acknowledge Terraversa as an equal, independent state, he would be most welcome, and be the first representative of Halos to do so."

Pausing for a moment, breaking a sweat. "Further, he bade me remind you that Terraversa has recently cast of the yoke of oppression by Mardier, and hope it shall not be necessary to prove that it can do the same for others seeking supremacy over the island." As an afterthought, he added: "They are well aware of our diplomatic efforts towards Mardier, and not taking that lightly..."

Time to make a choice - or several...

  • We must silence the fleet before the rumours reach Terraversan ears - they will be most damaging to the mission. But how will Hollande and his officers quell the gossip? Harsh discipline? Explaining them the situation? Telling them a convenient lie? Show how your sailors and soldiers are silenced.
  • Our real mission must take precedence! We should seek out the loyalists and track down the huntress. Show your agents meeting with the contacts on your list. What do they discuss? What plans are about to be set in motion?
  • Official Terraversa is expecting our presence and we cannot delay it further. Hollande must make his way to the palace. Show representatives of the fleet meeting the leader of Terraversa, and justify to them the presence of Olean ships and troops.

In Westface:

(The Eastern Trader, Esprit Fortune, and the repaired Terraversan brig.)

As the goods were unloaded, suddenly the rhythmic stamp of military boots marching to the beat of a drum was heard from one of the streets leading to the citadel on a hill in the center of Westface. The Olean commander froze for a moment - surely, that was more than just a small patrol? Then the swift clattering of hooves from another direction, and a slower, heavier from another.

Within minutes, before the Olean crew and soldiers could react, hussars had closed off the quays to the east, dragoons those to the West, and line infantry the street leading into the city. Clearly they were well-disciplined, experienced, and well equipped, their uniforms bright in the sun, and heavily outnumbering the Olean expedition. The captain of the Esprit Fortune turned to the sea, concerned with the untenable tactical situation. Would that be his way out?

In forts previously passive, massive guns were being rolled out and smoke was rising from furnaces most likely used for heated shots, the sailors bane. At the same time, a fleet of three war galleons flying the flag of L'Olius cleared the point to the north, effectively closing off the harbour.

He shuddered. This had been a very effectively planned and executed trap, and there was nothing he could do but stand down. His impression of the Terraversans had clearly been wrong, and now he was surrounded, outnumbered and faced with his men looking at him for orders. Before he could speak, however, a grizzled man in a general's uniform stepped through the lines of infantry followed by a haughty-looking nobleman.

"Sir. You come to my port unannounced, failing to salute the duke, and with Bluecoats aboard a battered Terraversan brig! Is this an invasion? Clearly, you cannot expect to succeed?" the general barked, a tone of anger in his voice. "What is Oleon's business here? Lay down your weapons and explain yourself immediately, or face the consequences."

  • Explain the Terraversans why you are here, but know that they are unlikely to be satisfied with you saving the brig and cargo. They will want an explanation why you were heading to Terraversa in the first place! (Explain the situation to the Terraversans. How much do you disclose? Will they be fooled by lies? Only time will tell...)
  • To Hades with the odds! No man disarms King's Philip's forces! Entrench yourself on the dock and ships behind cargo and bullwarks, man the guns, and refuse. (Show the stand-off and meeting under a flag of truce.)
  • Now, perhaps, would be a good time for a... little gift. Certainly the general and nobleman will be willing to discuss things amiably? (300 subtracted from the adventure treasury, and you are invited to the citadel for a friendly talk. Show the meeting in the citadel. What will the Olean representatives discuss with the general and governor?)


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25616166197_7a9d9fa918_c.jpgTerraversa Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Henri Hollande was unusually calm as he stood there in the great hall of the former colonial governor's manor or the "Royal Palace" as it was now called. The mere thought of calling the building a "Royal Palace" made Hollande sick. Not only did the structure lack any of the grace and grandeur of a proper government building, the brick walls becoming of a workshop, but the architect must have been drunk when designing it. After all, what fool would attempt a pathetic merger of Marderian Imperial with Northern-Colonial architecture? As a self-proclaimed cultured Oleander, Hollande was quick to notice all these flaws, and was about to mention them to his colleagues when the main door opened and various officials, began entering. Hollande and his comrades stood there as the head butler gave a very formal introduction to each official as they entered and took their place behind the great desk, and just as Hollande was ready to die of boredom (or sobriety, depending on who you ask), Miro Oldis, Archduke of Terraversa entered and took his place.  Everyone was still for a moment while servants brought goblets filled with port to each official and then to Hollande and his party. After everyone was served, Hollande lifted his glass to the Terraversan officials before finishing it in a single gulp. 

25616156937_fe9f62cd3c_c.jpgTerraversa Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Now you," Hollande hissed at this comrades who quickly followed his lead, embarrassed at not having known what to do and amazed that Hollande did. After this was done, the Archduke and his officials lifted his glass to the Oleander delegation. A strange custom, Hollande thought, but one that should be emulated in more places. That is, provided they have half-decent wine, the swill he had just consumed insulting every inch of his refined Olean palate.

39776805534_d1f01bd38e_c.jpgTerraversa Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Let us dispense of further niceties, Mayor," the Archduke began. "And explain your purpose here and why you insult this council by sending a mere lieutenant the first time!" 

"I assure you, sir, insult was not our intent" Hollande replied in near-perfect Marderian, once again surprising his colleagues. "And I deeply regret any issue that this may have caused. Our presence and intentions are strictly benign," 

"How could your intent have been anything other than insult!" one of the Terraversan officials interrupted. "For Oleon to send a delegation and expect a mere lieutenant to present himself before our government?"

"Regrettably you have been misinformed. Though we might be Oleanders, our presence is that of the RNTC, not that of the Most Sacred Crown of Oleon," Hollande replied.

"So Oleon sends a mere merchant to recognize our sovereignty?" the official pressed. 

"Allow me to be clear, I am not here to bestow sovereignty or lordship on anyone. Only an agent of the crown has such power, and regrettably I have not been given that authority." Hollande paused in case the official decided to continue, but the official silently sulked. 

"But let me assure you, gentlemen, that our report will be presented to the Crown, and I would be surprised if it did not have some influence in the King's decision." 

39591303785_4d87c86772_c.jpgTerraversa Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Then what is your purpose?" the poorly-dressed official asked. "You come with a fleet and army, refuse to speak to us. What are we to make of all this?" 

"Yes, I am aware of your concerns, and I do regret that our arrival caused such consternation among you. To ease your fear, I have ordered the fleet to anchor outside of your harbor and out of cannon range, and we will limit the men who arrive in your town." 

"You expect that moving your army a few dozen yards will ease our fear?"

"We arrived in three small merchantmen with 100 marines to protect us against pirates. Why, merchant convoys are better armed than our expedition." 

"So it's nothing more than a scouting force, or the first wave, you're just here to pave the way for the main invasion!" the official declared.

39776807164_b18e54b604_c.jpgTerraversa Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Oh, quiet Hadrian," an official with wild hair replied before Hollande could. "If we all listened to you, we should have fired on their whole fleet the moment they came into sight and arrested the survivors." 

"And why shouldn't we?" the poorly-dressed official roared. "Perhaps if you merchants ever bothered to sail on a ship or serve in the army, you would know this maneuver. Or don't you know that the arrival of scouts heralds the arrival of the main force? Those of us who fought in the war,"

"I fought for our freedom just as much as you did!"

"Oh, yes, what a noble contribution you merchants made. Sitting around, issuing declarations while us poor slobs died in the field. Yea, we couldn't have done it without you!" 

"How dare you belittle our efforts!" the now fuming official responded. 

"Oh, how dare I? Yes, for twenty years you asked Oleon for help, and we got nothing. Now, with their lord-grand-admiral in Mardier they come begging for our help, say nothing of their meetings with Marderian agents," the official scoffed. "And you dandies wonder why us common folk find L'Olius to be a greater hero than you."

"That's enough," Miro Oldis interrupted. "Our internal bickering can wait for another time, but I believe we should permit the Oleanders to respond." 

Hollande politely smiled and nodded his head before continuing. "Let me say, gentlemen, that I know nothing of lords or admirals visiting Mardier, and while I don't question the accuracy of your information, I do question the importance you place on it. Oleon sends officials to any number of nations, and while the timing may be unfortunate, it has no bearings on my presence. As for the rumors of secret meetings, they bear no truth, none. That story is nothing more than a fiction created by some enterprising man who found a way to swindle his messmates out of their grog. I could add, sirs, that I have heard a variety of rumors here on the streets of Kings Port, some spread by my own men, no doubt. Everything from us being Marderian agents to this being a prelude to an official alliance between our nations. Yet these rumors are no more true than a child's imagination, and deserve no more attention than such." 

"Then what is it you want," Oldis asked before his elected colleagues could resume their bickering. 

39776772214_629713f335_c.jpgTerraversa Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Hollande nodded to his aid who pulled out a sealed envelope and handed it to Hollande. "To ensure no error in communication or other misunderstandings, I have taken the liberty of writing down our objectives here," Hollande said as he placed the envelope on the table before the Archduke. 

The archduke opened the envelop, quickly read the contents, and turned to Hollande. “Thank you, Mayor, this gives us much to discuss. "


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Meanwhile, at Westface, things kind of got out of control.

Three war galleasses, fying the flag of Admiral Olius is closing the port.


On the dock, the landing party was encircled by TER troops. All this shipwreck thingy was clearly a trap, now they had not way out. In desperation, Oliver orderred the Marines to form a thin line to protect the sailors.


Then he stood out, decided to use all his diplomatic talents, very few, we must admit, to convince the TER captain that they were not his ennemies.


Unfortunately, the TER captain was an arrogant man, and he had a bad habit of brandishing his pistol while speaking to someone...Boom! We didn't know it was a misfire or a outbust of temper, all we knew was when the smoke was dispersed, our Oliver was lying on the ground, an enormous hole in the chest.


The following pictures contain scene of violence, viewers discretion advised.:pir_tong2:





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This is absolutely fantastic. Read through all of it, wonderful storyline and great to see Terraversa get some more love.


@Bregir: Great storytelling from you as gamemaster.

@Captain Genaro: While your partial shipdeck is great, your architectural MOCs are even better. The temple is wonderful, but the Archduke's Hall is absolutely fantastic and nails it 100%. The mix of styles works so well, just great. As are the characters and your storytelling. Great to see you based Miro Oldis one of my versions (or is it coincidence?). All in all amazing work from you here!@KotZ: Both the theatre as well as the warehouse-scene with the lovely tan horse carriages are really well done, but your micro of the ships entering the harbour of Kings Port is just marvellous. Wonderful!

@Bodi: So much to love from you here. The small scenes with the shipwrecks in the water are great. The hasty repairing of the ship is brilliantly depicted, I love it. Your micro of the port of Westface (especially the fortress) is spectacular. As are the battlescenes.

@Dukesc: Looking forward to see more from you here, but the ship you have built is definitely well done and fits the colour style. I like it.


Thanks to all of you for this wonderful AMRCA so far, I will definitely keep track of your further progress!

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