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[OL - A-MCRA] Mission to Mardier

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Adventure time, y'all!

Not yet really sure how exactly to do this, but let's give the A-MCRA a try!


Mission to Mardier


Following his appointment as the Oleander ambassador to Mardier, Guiscard Emery de Beauregard - Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon - had no choice but to accept His Majesty's command to conduct a diplomatic mission to the High Court in Londa, Mardier. A new monarch on the throne - the ongoing civil war - the rather surprising defeat against the alliance of Eslandola and Garvey - there surely was enough to talk about.


Welcome aboard the Royal Philip, Your Grace - or should I rather say Your Excellency - it's an honor to finally be given the opportunity of meeting you. I assume you've already had the chance to see Capitaine Brighi?

Yes, Amiral d'Ancios, the captain was so kind to receive me and have me shown to your quarters. And thank you, it's an honor meeting you, too, monsieur. But referring to my appointment as ambassador will hardly be necessary. This hopefully is a one-time mission, I have better things to do with my time than waste it on banquets and negotiations.

Apologies, monsieur. I understand. Also, I would have received you myself, but as this mission was scheduled on such short notice, we haven't had the chance to go through all the necessary preparation procedures quite yet. Especially with such a prominent member of His Majesty's cabinet aboard, matters of security demand more attention.

I understand, monsieur l'amiral, I was told that's why the King's Guards are on board... But... what's the Red Cloak doing here?

Personal request by His Most Eminence Highness, Chancelier Calida himself. He wouldn't let you leave Granoleon without a formation of his own Guards. For... if things went south, he expressed himself.

Hmm... now isn't that too kind of His Highness. And my guess is the chancellor insisted, didn't he?!

Yes, monsieur - he did.

Hmm... you have any idea how many Red Cloaks there are on board this ship?

I'm afraid not, monsieur, I... lost count - they all seem to look alike.

Never mind, don't bother yourself, admiral, finish your preparations! Meanwhile I'll have someone show me to my quarters. As soon as you can, have the men set sail, I want to get this mission over with as quickly as possible. Let's go to Londa! My only concern is... the chancellor is rarely wrong.



Btw, this scene actually shows parts of the Royal Philip's interior - just had to delete the grand cabin's roof and the starboard side for better lighting.

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I'm really curious as to where this is going to go. Your story doesn't stay what the mission of your AMCRA is. But however it goes, good luck!

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The HRS Royal Philip was a majestic sight as she entered the Londa harbour followed by the États de Boussac, her guns blazing a Royal salute in honour of King Alphonse XIII. Welcoming the Oleonese as friends, the Royal fortresses of Londa burst into a cacaphony of flame and thunder as they return the salute from all corners of the port. The Mardierian Port Admiral sets off in his barge to meet the Duc de Corban and his staff in the great cabin of the Royal Philip.

"My dear friend, Mardier welcomes you and yours to Londa, and hopes that your stay may be pleasant." he began. "You are here well ahead of time, and I fear the foreign ministry will not be able to receive you this week and more..."

"Poseidon blessed our journey and filled our sails, monsignore." the Duc de Corban said with a bow. "It is our pleasure to be here in your glorious capital".

After a few more civilities, the Duc de Corban was whispered something in his ear from Amiral d'Ancios. "There is the matter of shore leave, sir. Our men swiftly grow bored moored in port, and I trust we can reach an agreement..."

The Mardierian Port Admiral was stumped for a moment before saying: "I fear we cannot countenance a foreign army in our Capital. I can only allow you, your nearest staff, and 4 guards to go ashore at any given time... I am sure you understand my position...."

The Duc de Corban is well-aware of the importance of shoreleave to sailors and marines in port, but it is imperative to stay on good terms with the Mardierians. How will he handle the situation?

  • "We must accept the Mardierian position to gain their favour! The soldiers and sailors or Oleon must put their faith in the Gods that they will be rewarded for their abstinence."
    Your build must show that those stealing away ashore will be sanctioned.
  • "Our men are our life's blood, and they must have their entertainment! Mardier will have to accept this, regardless of their haughty pride. Perhaps there is something we can do to "sweeten the deal..."?"
    Your build must clearly indicate how this is achieved.
  • "Shore leave can be arranged without stepping on anyone's toes. A small vessel will be chartered to bring small groups of men to a nearby town in agreement with Mardierian officials, where they will pose no issue."
    Your builds must include: A class 1 or 2 transport vessel; the men entertaining themselves with various sailor's delight. One vessel and two vignettes required. The vessel must be licensed from the adventure treasury.

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Port of Londa, November 617.


Dramatis Personae:



In the grand cabin of the Royal Philip.


My dear admiral, your grace, to your health and bright future - and to the future of Mardier! May the days of her foes be numbered!

À la vôtre, your grace!

I cannot thank you enough, gentlemen. I did not have the honor of being in such delightful company since... since before the war began. Times have been hard, even here in the capital, and occasions for celebrations were sparce.

The honor is all on our side. And we are so glad that on the subject of shore leave we could reach a solution that benefits all - from the men and Londa's bar owners to... you personally. You have Oleon's sincerest gratitude.

But of course, how could I say no to such a generous offer! And I'm not just talking about what's literally on the table.

Your grace, this... small compensation for your personal troubles is simply a matter of course. And as I said - all damages in Londa caused by the men on this ship will be paid for by the Oleander crown, and any potential culprits will be subject to harsh disciplinary punishments. Trust me when I say the Redcloaks will make sure of this. All you have to do is to sign here.

And I will, gentlemen. On behalf of the people of this city, I welcome you to Londa. But... before we get back to our routine, what about we open another bottle of this exquisite Bleaunote Royal you said it was?

Mais, bien sûr, your grace. Who could say no to a glass of wine shared in the light of great prospects. À la vôtre!


A little later, after the port admiral had left, admiral d'Ancios joined de Beauregard as he overlooked the city.


Have you ever seen this harbor so empty, admiral?

I cannot say I've ever been to Londa, your grace. But I certainly imagined it to be... more crowded.

The war must have cost them a lot more than they would openly care to admit. This city used to be... the center of the known world - full of heavily armed men-of-war and vast merchant men bringing in the riches of New Terra. And look at it now. A single old frigate docked. Almost pathetic. One must wonder what resources they can still call their own. It was a good idea to arrive earlier than expected to get a look at it beyond the pompous Mardierian protocol.

Thank you, your grace. And I must say you made a clever move on the port admiral, your grace.

He was an easy target. Could there ever be anything more vain than a Mardierian port admiral? Just schmooze them, make them feel important - they'll even start believing they came up with your ideas all by themselves.

You are completely right, your grace. Still, I'm relieved we managed resolve this issue. Shore leave is important for the men after all.

Yes, admiral, it is. But it's even more important for us. We need information beyond what goes through official channels. And what better way to collect rumors and stories than having our men make their ways through the local bars and taverns - and letting the Redcloaks loose on Londa. They'll be our eyes and ears.

You must start to appreciate the Lord Chancellor's... request to take them along, your grace.

I'm getting there, admiral d'Ancios, I'm getting there.


For the game masters: The bribe on the table is worth 200DB, to be subtracted from the expedition treasury.

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And you move has been made... great couple of builds, especially the micro view of Mardier's capital!  I really like the use of short technic axle in white for pillars.  Looking forward to seeing where this goes next!

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Your corruption of the official was a success, and noone suspects foul play. Further,(so far) damages caused by the crews is limited to 75 dbs and the Londanians seems happy to entertain your sailors. (275 dbs is subtracted from adventure treasury).

However, the port is still largely devoid of Mardierian naval presence, and apart from an Oleander trade fleet and a few lone Corlander vessels, it seems deserted. Has the Mardierian Imperial Navy truly been decimated by the recent wars, or are the Mardierians hiding something? And what about political stability? There are troops everywhere, but has the country been emptied to keep the capital from rising in rebellion, or is the Mardierian war machine still strong ashore?

The questions are plentiful - Perhaps it is time to seek some answers.

  1. Send in the red cloaks...
    The mysteries priests of Hades can make their way to anything from the lowest sewer to the highest chamber, and make excellent spies. Show how they seek to obtain information through subterfuge, and about what they inquire.
  2. Civilised men use civilised means...
    Go by the official channels through further meetings with Mardierian officials. Show who the Duc de Corban meets and what he tries to gain information about.
  3. Let our sailors be our eyes...
    Common sailors and naval officers are experts in all matters naval, and have already been accepted by the various establisments of Londa. Show your crews and/or their officers gathering information while on shore leave, and what information they seek.

At least one build is required to progress, but more are encouraged. Next turn, the game masters will decide to what degree you have succeeded and award you with information accordingly. Some may be public, some may be private (by PM), but only time will tell.

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Official Channels


Port Admiral, thank you for meeting with us again.  I’m glad we finally get the opportunity to meet representatives from the foreign ministry.  Are they ready to meet now?

They are ready. You may come now. Your guards may come in too.  Where is Guiscard?

Guiscard Emery de Beauregard is obtaining the final provisions for our return trip. I do not desire to overstay our welcome, and the crew is becoming restless.  We do need to weigh anchor in the near future.

Lets go in then shall we?

Yes, thank you.


Admiral Rainaud Tibor d'Ancios, I would like to introduce you to Foreign Minister Marco Bianchi. Gentlemen, would you like a glass of wine?

Yes, thank you.  Oh, that is smooth.  What kind is it?

Breshaun Shrimp Grape, 613.

That was a good year. 
Minister Marco Bianchi and Admiral Rainaud Tibor d'Ancios, Oleon would hate to have our relationship sour if Oleon merchants were to openly trade with Terraversa. We have openly received royalist refugees in our far colonies.  Maintaining this trade route would ensure that the citizens of Mardier and Oleon would continue to prosper.

We wish to inquire Mardierans' attitude on Terraversa and insist on continuing the Oleon-Mardier friendship.

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A very well executed work. The facade looks awesome, especially those columns, and the mosaic pattern of the floor looks good too, and I like your choice of minifigs.

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The Mardierians had taken the requests on good faith, and although they had taken their time to reply, it had been clear that they wished to maintain good relations with Oleon.

Aboard the Royal Philip, the spirits were high, and various strange beasts and more than a few women had found their way aboard, helped along the way by seamen who had either secured permanent ownership or temporary services as be fitted the type of... Guest.

Everyone was enjoying the shore leave and easy duties of keeping harbour watch, and the Mardierians had been very forthcoming in terms of fresh supplies since the port admiral had been... convinced of Oleon's good intentions.

"Milords, representatives from the foreign ministry here to see you." the flag lieutenant announced with a sharp salute.

"Finally! Show them in at once."  As the delegation entered bows and greetings were exchanged as the Mardierians took their seats.  "Mardier has considered your petition and wish to impress upon you, that his most exalted Majesty values continued close relations to Oleon beyond all others. Let it be no secret that Mardier has few friends in these dark times of the empire, and knows to treasure those loyal allies. " 

"However, Mardier cannot abide any official recognition of Terraversa or Prio as independent states. Any such action will be considered an affront to his Majesty and the empire and cannot be ignored. While Mardier will not meddle in petty affairs such as the destination of merchant vessels and who they trade with, former territories are still rightfully subject to the Mardierian crown and the separatists traitors and deserters. Temporary setbacks in the war has forced us to currently ignore the feeble claims of these separatists, and we consider the current peace a truce to facilitate the rightful return of Mardierian territories."

Pausing for a moment as to gauge the effect of these words, the official continued:

"There are still many subjects in those Colonies loyal to his Majesty, and Mardier considers it her duty to support them politically in any way possible. We do not... currently wish to ignite new fighting by aiding them militarily, but the territories must be returned. There are many means with which such support can be... discreetly given with great effect. "   

The Mardierians have given us what we came for. How should we proceed?

- Splendid! The relations with Mardier are stronger than ever, and we are free to trade with Terraversa as long as we do not officially recognise their independence. Let us head back to Granoleon to report. 

Show the expedition making its way back or reporting to the ministry in Oleon. Will break off the adventure.  

- Perhaps there is an opportunity for more? The Mardierians are desperate for friends. Perhaps now is the time to press for a formalised relation. We should seek a defensive or perhaps complete alliance, or maybe exclusive trade privileges. 

Show further negotiations with Mardier and what agreement is sought between the two nations. 

- We still know little of Mardiers capabilities - the Red cloaks are still our best bet. Send them into Londa to gather intelligence. 

Show the Red cloaks spying in Londa and what information they seek.


One build is required to continue, but more are encouraged. Let us know if this leads to any questions. Sorry for the delay.

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Formalized Relations: Seeking a defensive pact


Milords, Thank you for meeting with us. Our hearts are elated from the last meeting.  We seek to formalize relations with your great country.

I am the Giovanni Berini of the Royal Court.  You have already met with the Port Admiral and the Foreign Minister.  How would you like to formalize relations?

Milord, Our desire is to create a defensive pact with Mardier.  I have provided you the draft for this treaty.  The terms are simple, 

  • We would promise to support each other militarily, to defend each other if any of our colonies were attacked.
  • Any country that seeks to invade a territory of Mardier or Oleon, is a threat to both nations, and war would be declared by both of our nations.
  • Upon the unlikely event of an invasion, our nations will respond together to quickly vanquish our enemy.
  • Retaliatory attacks if one of our nations decides to initiate war another country do not fall within the parameters of this treaty.

We would hate to see any more of our colonies lost to rebels or other nations.  I believe that this treaty would make our colonies safer.  I humbly ask that you review the terms and let us know your response, so that we may return to Granoleon with the news.


We will convene and review the terms.  We should have an answer in a timely manner.  I know the royal court has taken interest in your diplomacy thus far.  Thank you.


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Very nice courtroom (audience chamber?), the stained glass effect is great but what particularly impresses me is the orange clips, who would have thought that they'd look so good!

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54 minutes ago, Kai NRG said:

what particularly impresses me is the orange clips, who would have thought that they'd look so good!

I'm glad you like them. :grin: 

I've been looking for an excuse to use them, as I got a bunch of them. 

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A few days later, the Oleanders were called back to the Ministry Offices for an official meeting. Here a delighted Mardierian delegation welcomed them heartily.

"Take a seat, good sirs." They, were asked. "And allow me to raise a glass to our future relations!"

Greetings and well-wishes exchanged, Berini continued.

"I am delighted to inform you that the Royal Court has decided to accept your proposal for a defensive alliance almost verbatim!" He said with a bow. "Our only stipulation, upon which his Royal Majesty must insist, is that neither Oleon, nor any of its representatives, in no way, formally or informally, acknowledge the independence or territorial claims of former Mardierian colonies."

The Mardierians looked at them expectantly. Would Oleon accept this perfectly reasonable demand?

  1. Three cheers for the defensive pact!
    Negotiations are completed! King Philip will be delighted.
    To ratify the defensive pact as suggested, show celebrations in either Londa or Granoleon. This can be in the form of a festival, a parade, a ball, a monument, or similar. Creativity is welcome. NB: Minimum footprint, 16x32!
  2. Alas, under such circumstances...
    No foreigner is to decide who we recognise - we shall leave this place and these negotiations.
    Show the expedition preparing for or making its way home.
  3. Just a little more...
    Do you still have business in Londa? Are the treaty not quite to your liking? Then show what the expedition does in Londa. Spying? Further negotiations?

One build is required, but more are encouraged. Option 1 and 2 will allow the expedition to stop, all vessels and troops being available next turn in Granoleon. It is possible to combine options 1 and 3, in which case the ratification build will have to be combined with a continuation build.

Let us know if this leads to any questions.

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