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[REVIEW] LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1- Full LED Lights

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HI guys I want to share this video with you. Hope you like the intro I've made :) I recommend, raise the volume of the audio !!


Today we present a new product of the company Light My Bricks which offers complete solutions through the production of lighting kits specially designed for many LEGO sets on the market. This kit is made for the Led lighting of the Ghostbusters LEGO Ecto-1 set.

The packaging is really well done, and in the front there is the big logo of the company Light My Bricks and later a set of information about it.

The name of the LEGO set for which the kit is studied is shown below, on one of the two apertures of the package. Within the package we find the soft sponge that protects the electronic components inside.

Let's see them together:

  • 9 fixed white leds
  • 9 white flashing leds
  • 2 expansion cards with 12 ports
  • 1 battery holder (requires two CR2032 batteries)
  • the information booklet
  • LEGO extra pieces

Specifically, the extra LEGO pieces inside the kit are:

  • 6 Lego 1 × 1 plates with clip (gray)
  •  4 Lego 1 × 6 plates (white)
  •  4 Lego 1 × 2 plates (gray)
  •  4 Lego 1 × 2 plates (transparent blue)
  • 1 Lego 1 × 1 round plate (transparent blue)

As always, the LEDs and expansion cards are individually contained inside the antistatic sachets.

Anti-static envelopes are used to protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge.

The kit instructions can be found on the manufacturer's website and can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format. In the booklet inside the box there are only a number of generic tips.

The model is full of illuminating elements thanks to the presence of many headlights on the roof of the vehicle and expansion boards, and all electronic components are inserted inside the vehicle. As instructors, to install this led kit we will have to disassemble several pieces, including the roof and all the windows, in order to access the bricks of our interest. The installation of the led in the front lights and blue light on the left side of the car are easy. Just remove both front wheel arches and headlights and then put in the non-flashing LEDs. Same identical operation for blue spotlight.

All present cables come into the interior of the passenger compartment and are fixed with gray slopes. For the two red headlamps, just remove the rear glass and the two red cones. Flashing LEDs are inserted here.

For a clean job, we recommend rolling the cables around the expansion card. Refit the front glass and side windows to later install the lights on the roof of the machine.

This part is quite complex. The components are so many. There are 11 LEDs in total. Finally, we connect the two expansion cards between them and light up the lights. First, however, we have to put the batteries in the dedicated compartment.

The finished model is very similar to the original set and all electrical wiring is hidden inside the car. The mix of fixed and flashing lights in this kit make the ecto 1 very cinematic.

In conclusion I can say that this kit I particularly liked. The Led are so small that they can be easily inserted into 1x1 rounds.
This is not the first kit I try, in the past I tried the kit for the Big Bang Thoery set (my favorite among those I've tried) and that for the UCS Tumbler. You can see the videos by clicking Big Bang Theory and UCS Tumbler. If you are interested in these kits, I suggest you contact Light My Bricks guys on their Facebook page. If you live in Europe, I know they have some resellers.

For Christmas I hope to be able to illuminate my little diorama. I will upload video updates on the channel.


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Hi, the roof closes pretty well. I have had some difficulty in passing some wires. They have to pass in the middle of the stud, but it's not always easy. In this case, it was my mistake. however, I saw online that there is a second, lower version, which closes to perfection.


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On 16/10/2017 at 9:06 PM, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

Beautiful lights effect! :wub:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful work! :thumbup:


Thanks so much!!!

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