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Maxim I

[ESL - FB] Trador Winery

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Left part of the MOC: Casa De Flores

Right part of the MOC: Tenotclaxcan Training (by @Faladrin )


What is the point in having a huge vineyard if you don't make wine ou of the grapes?

So next to the beautifull Estate, a factory has been set up to make the most delicious wine in the New World




Inside, there is a bureau


There is a small shop


And ofcourse the factory itself. There is a small opening to the cellar underneath the shop.


Rumours say it is due the giant that the Trador Wine tastes so delicious.


Will be licenced as a large factory.

The missing build to make Trador become a city!!!!

It was an interesting build as I wanted to make a build that could connect my city with the part Faladrin build for Trador, so it can be showed together at Brickmania Antwerp

Anyway, C&C welcome!


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Gorgeous build @Maxim I. The exterior is nice, but I love how you included an interior. It turned out very nice. Personally, I would like to see more story involved, but really that's just me.


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Great build, lovely interior. There is only one thing I do not like, and that is the gap between walls at the front right corner. Just a personal taste thing, and I guess it is due to unavailable bricks.

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Lovely choice of colours, looking absolutely beautiful! Dark red and white, lovely, especially in this way. Great work!

I'd like to see the first picture with a bit more contrast and saturation, like just within slightly better lighting conditions. That's however all I have to criticize. The fully built interior was an unexpected surprise, love it!

Trador keeps growing and growing.

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