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Origins - An Adventure MRCA Story


- - - - -


  • Status: Prelude
  • Participating members
  • Participating vessels
    • Prince of Stedor
    • Purple Reign
    • Margot
    • WTC Aurora
  • Point of start: Stedor

- - - - -


36918307733_b0eee6a5d3_c.jpgOrigins of Stedor

On a grey Sunday, Princess Margot found Lord Maximilian Damaximus in the library of Trador, examining a knight holding a shield with the herald of Stedor.

“Are you homesick, my sweet prince?”

Maximilian looked up, somewhat confused due the sudden interruption.

“I am not really homesick, I was recalling stories told in my childhood about the origin of Stedor”

“Oh stories! I love stories! Barbara (the maid), could you bring us some apple cider please!”

“You see the golden star in the herald of Stedor? The same golden star that can be found on the flags of Elysabethtown, MAESTRO & Trador?

That’s the golden star the Alleenridders gave to their headquarters as it was there where they always would return too, their home as they had forsaken their original homes. The Alleenridders were a brotherhood of knights from every corner in the world who roamed the known earth centuries ago. They helped the people who needed aid and their reputation was legendary. As their reputation grew, their army became bigger and their wealth enormous. Their residing city, the city of Ximus was a place of good living with many palaces and little povery. Envious kings allied together to bring them down, fearing the power of the Alleenridders. Those kings elected a new emperor, who would become known as the Dark Emperor. Around 95 AE, they besieged the capital of the Alleenridders, Ximus. The Alleenridders fought hard and brave, but had no other option than to surrender. Every single Alleenridder in the city was slaughtered and murdered. The whole city was sacked and plundered.

However, a small group of Alleenridders, under command of Dama Mfalme Edehl of Ximus, was on a mission and when returning, they found everything gone. Ofcourse not all of the wealth of the Alleenridders was being saved in the lost city, so the small band took what they could take, and left. They went north and travelled in the night, hiding for their enemies. Ofcourse they had allies as well, but none of the allies could guarantee their safety against their enemies, as rumours said the dark emperor was destroying everyone helping the outlaws. The refugees travelled further north, but the spies of the Emperor were everywhere. At a sudden night, the remaining Alleenridders had no other choice than to sail into the unknown. In 102 AE, they arrived at the Madrice Empire. They were given a new land in the most southern corner of the Empire. They called their new home “Mpya Stedor”, what translates to “New City of Gold”. Only one year later, the Madrice Empire felt apart and Mardier was now ruling the region. The influence of the Dark Emperor didn’t reach that far North, and as a new Empire, Mardier had better things to do than to investigate who those Alleenridders were.

Finally having a home again, the Alleenridders continued doing their duties, helping people wherever their path brought them. Traces of the Alleenridders could be found in Oleon, Varcoast, Corrington, … Some even dared to go as far south as Pan. The number of Alleenridders growed again, recruiting people from all those nations. Lord Dama Mfalme Edehl of Ximus died as an old and notable man, and his son, Gothe Mfalme Edehl of Stedor took over from him. To honour him and to not forget their history, Gothe adapted Damaximus as his last name instead of Mfalme Edehl.

Now we are 500 years later and the Damaximus family still controls Stedor and its hinterland. With the invention of gunpowder, the knights became obsolete and the Alleenridders became the military branch of MAESTRO. But still, every child in Stedor dreams of the legends of the Alleenridders, their lost land and the fabulous wealth hidden.

In the library of Stedor, there are many books written by Geshi Edeh Nis around 105 AE, and modern scientist of the Stedor University think they found where the hidden treasures can be found. The only problem we got is that no-one knows where exactly Ximus can be found on the modern maps.”

Margot was quiet for a moment. She only heard a few of the stories of the Alleenridders as she grew up in Terelli, far away from Stedor. But she loves to read and stumbled across some ot the books of Geshi Edeh Nis in the Great Library of Terelli.



- - - -

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Part 1 : Escorting Princes

A. The Request

Lord Maximilian Damaximus was watching how the vessels were being prepared. Soon a small, yet strong fleet would sail out of Stedor to the unknown.


Suddenly, someone coughed behind him.

"Mylord Damaximus"

Maximilian turned around. He saw two exotic, yet familiar faces. The one with the dark green tulband on, was Seif Calli, a MAESTRO trader with Tellvok origins.


"Seif Calli, how are you doing. I didn't know you followed me from Trador to Stedor!"

"I did mylord. May I introduce you to the person next to me?"

"Ofcourse Seif! Correct me if I am wrong, but haven't I seen you at the Trador Tournament?"

"Indeed mylord, I invited him to join our celebrations! This is Prince Soufian Scorpi, 5th son of Sultan Haran Scorpi of Tellvok."

Maximilian took a deep bow.

"Good day Lord Scorpi. It is a honour meeting you"

"The honour is mutual, Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Duke of Stedor & Prince of Garvey", Soufian said before taking a bow as well.

"I would like to skip the chit chat, as I understood you are about to leave to the South on a quest to the origins of Stedor & The Alleenridders? There are some traces of the legendary Alleenridders in Tellvok. Stories long forgotten by most Tellvokians, but the more educated of us know at least some of the stories. I myself am the most adventurous one of the Royal Family of Tellvok. I travelled already in a lot of countries in the Old World and thanks to Seif, who I met on one of my travells a few years ago, I have had the chance to see parts of the New World as well. However, I feel it is time to return to my country again and make sure my adventures will not get lost.

However, for ages, my nation is at war with the Mokolei Empire. If I would cross the sea myself, it would be a huge risk. Hence my proposal to start your journey at Tellvok and let me join your travell to my country. If we arrive safely, I am sure my father will reward you and my people will help you finding more information about the Alleenridders."

Maximilian was quiet for a moment, thinking about the proposal of Prince Soufian.

"I promised Count Mesabi of Corrington to sail together to the South. Starting the journey in Tellvok seems interesting and maybe I can use the opportunity to set up a trade network between Tellvok and Stedor. Prince Soufian & Seif, perpare yourself to leave tomorrow with us!"


- - - - -

Part 1 summary:

  • Destination: Tellvok
  • Goal: Escorting Prince Soufian to Tellvok
    • Side goal: escorting the WTC Aurora to a start position in Tellvok for a future Mesabi AMRCA
  • Requested reward:
    • TBA
  • Vessels:
    • Prince of Stedor ( @Maxim I )
    • WTC Aurora ( @Mesabi ) - wich will join the mission for the first part
    • Margot (Trador) - escorting warship
    • Purple Reign (Maxim I) - escorting warship
  • Characters:
    • Captain Matt LeNoir in charge of the escorting fleet. Captain of "Purple Reign"
    • Captain Bostoximus, Captain of  "Margot"
    • Lord Maximilian Damaximus of Stedor
    • Prince Soufian Scorpi of Tellvok
    • Seif Calli, MAESTRO Trader from Tellvok
    • Jan Zwartbaard, MAESTRO Explorer & Diplomat
    • Elrond Whisximus, Apprentice MAESTRO Explorer, son of General Reinart Whisximus
    • Bart Zwartbaard, Captain of "Prince of Stedor"
  • Troops:
    • Prince of Stedor Platoon (MAESTRO)
    • WTC Company (Mesabi)
    • Golden Stars, 2nd Battalion (MAESTRO)
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Posted (edited)

Mesabi's Adventures

Chapter I: The Voyage of the Aurora

Prince Maximillian Damaximus walked along the dock with the Eslandolan dock guard.

"Count Mesabi. The Raider Count. The Madman of the Landing. Crazy Mesabi. These are just some of the names he's been called." Said Prince Maximillian

"Why did you invite him along?" Asked the Guard

37362169480_6162ff316b_z.jpgAMCRA by North White, on Flickr

"You know when you say, 'oh it would be a great idea to do that' Sarcastically?" Said the Prince

"yeah?" Said the Guard

"I'm not sure if he gets Sarcasm. I mean I said he could take what he needed from Trador, and he raided a warehouse. I mean the guy has no-

37620807801_38a7f35719_z.jpgAMCRA by North White, on Flickr

Count Mesabi Disembarked from the WTC Aurora.

"Hey... you..." Said Prince Maximillian Warily.

"Yes, Prince Daxamillian of Garvey. Who's actually an Eslandolan. Thank you for inviting me on this great adventure. You'll be glad to know the Aurora is well stocked with explosives, and my men are willing to kill any Tellvokians who get in the way. Including those on the dock over there if you'd like." Said the Count Happily

"It's Prince Maximillian Damaximus of Garvey, mayor of Trador and- TELL THAT MAN TO STAND DOWN!" He yelled pointing at a WTC Marine pointing a gun at the Tellvokian on the dock.

"Biff, hold off on the kill order." Said  the Count

"There's no need to kill him, he's a friendly!" Said the Prince

"Oh! I thought it was a 'keep your friends close, your enemies closer sort of deal.'" Said the Count

37620807791_442fdb25aa_z.jpgAMCRA by North White, on Flickr

"That still makes no sense for- Never mind. We'll be ready to leave shortly. And don't make me regret this." Said the Prince

"Oh, that reminds me. Now that we've both been awarded Nobility, you want to force our children to marry each other to consolidate our holdings and insure peace for our countries?" Asked the Count

23767738888_8b57abeedd_z.jpgAMCRA by North White, on Flickr


The WTC Aurora is fully loaded and ready to begin the adventure! 

Characters of Note:

Count Mesabi

Darby Tyler: Accountant

Dmitri Yugoslav

WTC Marines

OOC: Great to be working with you on this @Maxim I, I can't wait to see what the Gamemasters throw at us. I'll try to not cause too much chaos. :devil:

Edited by Mesabi

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45 minutes ago, SilentWolf said:

Is he really an Eslandolian after all? :pir-tongue:

My bad haha :p BOBS stuff doing at work isn't always the best idea :p

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Part 1 updated with pictures and a list of partipating characters

@Mesabi: which character are you sending along?

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Part 1.C : Escorting Princes - leaving Stedor

Back on the Prince of Stedor, Lord Maximilian Damaximus was watching how the two vessels were sailing out the harbor of Stedor. It was always a sad moment when leaving the beautifull historical port. He looked to the WTC Aurora and sighed. He really hopes Count Mesabi can keep his men quiet while visiting Tellvok. Those WTC Marines are pure chaos. Sometimes Lord Maximilian Damaximus wonders if they are even Corrington after all. Maybe mostly bastards.... Yeah probably mostly bastards....

Anyway, to secure the mission and his goals in Tellvok, he had a little surprise. A little bit outside of Stedor, people started yelling: "2 warships behind us!". Not much later, cheering started as the crew discovered it was the "Margot" & the "Purple Reign" who would escort the Princes to Tellvok.

A messenger on board of the WTC Aurora went to Count Mesabi and handed him a letter.

"Dear Count Mesabi @Mesabi,

As you may see, two of the most finest Eslandolan Warships are going to escort us to Tellvok. The main reason is because I suspect already a lot of people are aware of our mission, perhaps even enemies of us or enemies of Tellvok. On board of my ship, Prince Soufian Scorpi is a guest and it is my promise to him to guarantee his safety. Not only during the trip, but also in Tellvok.

I hope you see that your reputation is something I can't simply oversee, so I hereby ask you and your fine WTC Marines to behave like true angels in Tellvok. My stakes are way too high to see a mission like this blown up due some bolt moves, made by enthousiast soldiers.

Hence my proposal:

If you and your crew manage to stay out of any conflict in Tellvok and don't steal or smuggle explosives in or out Tellvok, you will receive no less than 200 db's as a reward from me.

If however your crew misbehave themself, and it comes to a point where the relations with Tellvok are suffering due your actions, making me regretting taking you along, well , then I know I won't be regretting bringing back order together with Tellvok soldiers and those two fine warships escorting us. As said, the last thing I want is to blow up a chance to establish a trade network in Tellvok.

Prince Soufian Scorpi, son of the Sultan of Tellvok, is aware of this letter.

Kind regards,

Lord Maximilian Damaximus"

- - - - -


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Count Mesabi finished reading the message.

36936155414_6353ddbd3f_z.jpgA message aboard the aurora by North White, on Flickr

"Well what am I just supposed to do with all these explosives? I can't just toss them overboard!" And how else are we supposed to bring priceless artifacts for study by Corlander scientists home without looting them? I mean tombs are meant to be raided for their contents. And Tellvok is full of ancient tombs." He Said bitterly.

36936155414_6353ddbd3f_z.jpgA message aboard the aurora by North White, on Flickr

"But, considering we're completely broke. I might as well accept. Those two extra warships certainly more than a match for this little tub." He paused.

"Messanger. Tell him I will accept his terms. All explosives will be kept aboard the Aurora during our stay in Tellvok. And we'll try our darndest not to steal." 

The Messanger nodded, and walked back to the rowboat. Count Mesabi pulled open the map and took a look. He had already plotted the course they intended to take. 

36935908644_b82716765b_z.jpgAMCRA-1updated by North White, on Flickr


Just my little update to the story. Hope Y'all like the map.


Edited by Mesabi

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@Maxim I @Mesabi


"As the large fleet enters the Tellvokian capital of Madin the Tellvokians promptly start their salute, somewhat apprehensive of the potential threat. The fleet returns the salute briskly, but to the expert ear, something is slightly out of tune.

Although unknown to the Tellvokians on shore, on board the fleet the reason is clear: The ships are overcrowded with soldiers, who is constantly in the way of working the ship and its guns. Sailors and soldiers are two men to a cot, and half rations has been the order of the day for a week. Fatigue and malnutrition is starting to show.

Animosity between the sailors and the soldiers have already led to several brawls across the fleet, and signs of sickness and scurvy are emerging. (68 teeth have been drawn this last week alone!)

How will Lord Damaximus and his captains handle this crisis? And what about the renegade Corlander, Count Mesabi?"


Safe choice: Dismount and sell several guns from the fleet to make room for the troops. (25 dbs added to adventure treasury per firepower point. The firepower stat will be decreased for the fleet for the rest of the mission, and the cargo stat increased accordingly. Remember that 1 cargo point holds 10 men.)

Risky choice: Resupply the fleet, and keep the troops on board or set them lose in port to find their own accomodation. Cost: 17 dbs from treasury per platoon. (Applies to all troops not accomodated for by the safe or elaborate choice!)

Elaborate choice: Purchase a ship in Tellvok or purchase permanent lodgings.
Build either a large property (or two medium) for accommodation or vessel(s) of sufficient cargo capacity to hold the troops. Note that your choice will have an impact on available choices in the future. Local design(s) preferred. Costs (to license) can be either taken from adventure treasury, or borrowed at local Tellvokian banks at a 40 % premium(Total sum will then be subtracted from Maxim's accounts rather than the adventure treasury). Building property on Tellvokian territory requires purchase of a permit: 50 dbs.


Notes: Trador also has to contribute a build each turn (owner of the Margot)! In total, 1 build for Trador, 1 for Maxim, and 1 for Mesabi. (NB: Builds for the elaborate choice can replace one of three.) Mesabi and Maxim does not have to go with the same option.

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Event I: way too many troops. 

Response: Elaborate choice: Buy a ship. 

37616203126_6f190824ea_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

"So @Maxim I's paying for all this?" Asked Samantha Blythe. She was new to the WTC, and had been hired on for the mission.

"Yup!"  Said the Count. "Prince Damaximus filled out the paperwork. He can pay for the expenses for the moment. And besides, worst case scenario, we just sell the WTC's four cannons for room for ten more men."

"Oh my god, we're so far in debt. Please don't do this." Said Darby Tyler.

"Bah! Stop trying to talk him out of it!" Said their guide, Miguel Cruz. He was a washed up Eslandolan merchant, and the only one who would sell them a ship. 

37632862582_6ce3e6237c_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

"I never told you how I got here. I was a part of the last time Eslandolans tried to establish a trade network. Three ships lost. And They just leave me here! So what do I do? I do what every good Eslandolan does, I make a profit! In this case, by scavenging the wrecks." said Miguel. "Built up a pretty good business too."

"Well, we're lucky we found you! No one else would sell to us!" Said Samantha

36954977604_4782095f67_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

"That's because people here aren't happy with the Northern Powers. Goods from the new world are much cheaper than in the old! Apples used to come from Pan. Now they come in crates stamped MAESTRO! A dozen traders lost everything. And I don't know about this new Prince's plan! Like I said, the people of Madin aren't to happy with the Northern powers." Miguel 

"Well, that's none of our business. We're here to restock on supplies, maybe loot a pyramid, and buy a new ship. Turns out carrying ten more people than what your ship is rated for is a bad idea." Said the Count. 

"Fortunately, you met me, a man with a ship to sell, let me present you with, the Copperhead!" Miguel said happily.

36954977594_d24817ebcd_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

"She's what you'd call a class 3 vessel. Take a look around!"

36954977614_9631ff9c34_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

The Crew looked over the vessel. She was armed with two standard cannons, but nothing else. Her hull was sturdy, and she was clearly a fast, maneuverable ship.

36994597583_39dd4e6586_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

"What do you think?" Asked the Count

"this is not a good idea. We are FLAT broke." Said Darby. 

"Darby, it's like this. When someone says they'll buy you dinner, you order the most expensive thing on the menu, so you get the most out of it!" Said the Count

"That's why no one ever takes you to dinner!" Said Darby angrily.

"Look guys, we need a ship. This is the only one we're going to get. And hey, we can pay it off later." Said Samantha

37665771701_d79d1f577b_z.jpgWTC Copperhead by North White, on Flickr

"280 of your Doubloons." Said Miguel:

"Bill it to one Maximilian Damaximus," Said the Count, " We'll take it!"


Hope this I'm doing this right. As soon as I got the choice option, I got building. This vessel will be licensed as the WTC Copperhead. And before you say anything, I know that copperheads are native to North America, not egypt. The name just sounded cool. I'm a bit proud of this one, given what bricks I had on hand. The sails are made from Card stock purchased from the school store. I think it turned out well. 

@Maxim I, so um, guess I owe you 280 DBs. You said you'd pay me 200 if I didn't cause chaos, and so far I haven't. So, want to call it 80 even? :grin: And it miiiiight be awhile before I can pay you. In order of debts, I owe @Brickwolf, @Bregir, and then everyone who participated in the WTC minichallenge.

As for the story, I imagine Tellvok as an Ottoman empire counterpart. With pyramids. Anyways, now that the new world has opened up, it's starting to lose business, similar to how IRL the Ottoman's currency was devalued when the Potosí began being mined by spain. But, Maxim will be the one doing most of the legwork, so it's up to him to see what he thinks. 

Extra pics. 



Edited by Mesabi

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