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Part 2.B : (Maxim I Part) - Stedor Embassy in Madin, Tellvok

What to do with that Battalion he brought with him? This was a question he asked himself since the struggles started on board of the Margot. He needed the soldiers to guarantee the safety of Prince Soufianne Scorpi and to guard the commercial property he wanted to build in Tellvok. Lord Maximilian Damaximus dreamed big... A royal property would be so nice...

But once arrived in Madin, he had to stop dreaming. The banks were not so keen to lend money to foreigners. A 40% interest makes royal properties way too expensive compared to the New World where there was no interest. And he  had not time to discuss terms as he needed to house the soldiers asap. He bought an old estate in the middle of Madin and made it the Stedor Embassy.

As he did not need 90 soldiers to guard that building, he split the MAESTRO Golden Stars 2nd Battalion into 3 companies. 1 company to guard the Stedor Embassy, 2 companies to be sent to the border with the Mokolei Empire. He promised 1 company to Prince Soufianne Scorpi, but as the property is not that royal as hoped, Maximilian decided to make it two. Those 2 companies will rotate with the guarding company and fight in the uniforms of the Tellvokian Army.

In other words, 2 companies would be mercanaries defending the Tellvokian Border. Prince Soufianne Scorpi still had to discuss with his father if they would pay a rent for those mercenaries or not. In any case Lord Maximilian Damaximus was already happy a part of his army would see action and gain experience in battle.

The Stedor Embassy is a huge success. Eslandolan traders opened their market stand at the square and they were selling Pineapples, swords, muskets, bananas, apples, applecider, wine, capes, pigs and even medieval heraldry. Those exotic stuff was very popular by the noblity of Tellvok.

The embassy has two gates and some soldiers guarding those to protect the people inside the Embassy it that would ever be necessary.




Here we see Prince Soufianne Scorpi visiting the Embassy:


A part of the sleep accomodation for the guards:


The storage room:






Thanks for watching!

Will be licenced as a large property by myself :) (paid out of my own pockets, so not the adventure treasury)

Edited by Maxim I

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OMG ! this built is really impressive, full of details !


the two wooden inserts in the front wall are a very nice touch !

Edited by Professor Thaum

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@Maxim I

After a few weeks, a Messenger returns to the prince.
    “Prince Damaximus, we have searched all of the libraries of Stedor, but references to the Alleenrider name are far and few between. We know that once they lived in this city, but now their name is a distant memory. However, we have found references to a crypt in the city of Deliah, that could provide more information about your quest. It seems it was built by the Alleenriders long ago. However, Deliah is in Mokolei territory, and they will be hostile to anyone who associates with the Tellvokians.

  • References? This warrants further investigation and certainly there will be other relevant sources if you know what you are looking for! And while the Corries got many things wrong, a little more knowledge never hurt anyone venturing into the unknown...
    Go investigate the libraries and archives of Madin.
  • A crypt built by the Alleenriders? Leave a skeleton crew at the ships and the embassy, and saddle the horses... or camels... or whatever, and set out for the crypt! It may be risky, but there are rumours of Mokolei grave robbers in the area - we should not risk letting them get there first...
    Set course for Deliah.
  • Neither the libraries nor the crypt is likely to yield anything - What matters is our relations to the Tellvokians. We must solidify our connection before running off on some fool's errand.
    Organise further diplomatic talks in Madin.
  • Tellvok and Madin is obviously of little importance to the Allenriders - we must go further south towards the source. Show your expedition continuing by sea.

At least two builds required (Trador and Maxim). What direction will the expedition take, and what will it prioritise? Adventure or diplomacy? Research or action?


A few notes: Mesabi's adventure has been split out of this adventure into its own. We have assumed (please correct me if I am wrong, Maxim) that the two properties have been financed through local Tellvokian banks at a 40 % rate, meaning that Trador pays 35 dbs (25*1.4) and that Maxim pays 105 (75*1.4), and that the WTC Copperhead has been financed by the adventure treasury and is now a matter between Maxim and Mesabi. That leaves the 50 dbs building permit. Is that financed by the adventure treasury? In that case, the adventure treasury is decreased by a total of 250 dbs.


Last, but no least, the builds. So far, my only misgivings about the adventure MRCA are that 1) we did not get results out as quickly as we had hoped this time, and 2) that I have not gotten around to commenting on all these lovely builds! So let me just quickly squeeze in a comment:

Mesabi's little smoking room is well done and full of nice details, and apart from the "good" count's opinion on Montoya, I quite like the story :pir-wink:

Maxim, that little temple is really nice - perhaps one of my favourite builds of your in this scale. The dome is flawlessly included and the pillars at its bottom works perfectly. Well done!

The embassy itself is fabulous too, and I am happy to see you have included an interior. The shot from the entrance in between the two wings perfectly showcases its grandeur,  and I think you have achieved a great fit for what I have imagined Tellvok being like. My only comment on this excellent build is that the courtyard seems a bit bland. A few details on the ground would have made it look more realistic.

All in all great builds, and looking forward to seeing where this all goes!


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Part 3.A : (Maxim I Part) - Deliah, The Alleenridders Crypte

After finding out there was a crypte built by his ancestors, Prince Maximilian Damaximus prepared himself for a trip into Mokolei territory. He played with the idea of having his Battalion joining their trip, but that would do more harm than it would be usefull. It was the Tellvokian prince Soufianne Scorpi who put the idea on the table of travelling as Nomad Merchants.

Preparations were made, and after a few weeks they travelled to Deliah. Only Prince Damaximus, Captain Rhyximus, Tellvokian merchant Seif Calli and some MAESTRO Royal Engineers, armed to the teeth. Oh and a camel with some crates. They would present themself as weapon traders. After some more days travelling, they arrived to a place matching the references.


Somewhere hidden between rocks, two verticale tan poles and a skull indicated there was a crypte. It seemed mostly untouched for centuries, so the hopes were high. Our adventures quickly discovered why it was untouched. There was no entrance to be found nearby, only a odd looking rock between the two poles.


Examining the surroundings, Captain Rhyximus pointed out there was a strange stone in front of them. Getting closer, the very small top draw the attention of Prince Damaximus and in some sort of a trance, he pulled out his ring and put it on top of the stone. They heard a click behind them and when they turned around, they saw the rock between the two poles being moved inside the rocks.




Prince Damaximus and Captain Rhyximus, both being descendants of Alleenridders (hence the Ximus in their name) entered the crypte. Seif Calli set up a camp outside the cave to discover the fact the crypte was open for the first time in centuries. Luckily, no Mokolei soldier passed by that day.


Inside the crypte, after getting used to the dark, the two Stedorians noticed the skeletons "guarding" the cave. It was clear that this crypte was also a graveyard for fallen Alleenridders in their flight toward a new home. The way the skeletons were set up, standing proudly and looking dangerous, was to frighten potential tomb raiders, as for locals, the dead was something you should not mess with. But for Prince Damaximus, it was a sign that there was something of value being hidden here. And the Alleenridders were his ancestors, he was sure the dead would not mind that their descendants claimed what was theirs.



The yield was magnificant. Not only gold and jewels, but also very very ancient maps. On one of those, the realm of Ximus was located. Now it would only be a matter matching those maps with current maps. And still finding the lost city of Ximus within what was once the realm of Ximus



Outside again, they packed their stuff and headed back to Madin. The camel extra heavily loaded with the found riches.



I am satisfied with the rockwork (even proud on one part of it), but I have to admit the lighting isn't that good...

I know I am maybe not giving the game masters much choice of what happened in Deliah, but that's because I want to wrap things up in Tellvok and head further South (more about this in part 4.B).

Edited by Maxim I

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Part 3.B : (Trador Part) - Madin, Leaving Tellvok

Another banquet with the royal family of Tellvok, making sure his properties would flourish and preparing for a journey on the seas. The past week was very busy for Prince Damaximus since he was back from his trip to Deliah.

Although he would miss the Tellvokian hospitality, it was time to continue his quest. They found decent modern South Halosian maps in the Great Library of Madin and combined with the found old maps in the crypte, he had a big chance of finding the lost city.

A few days later, the 3 big vessels were ready to sail out. In front of the walls of Madin, Prince Maximilian Damaximus had a last meeting with Prince Soufianne Scorpi and Sultan Haran Scorpi.




"Prince Damaximus, I, Sultan Haran of Tellvok, am you very gratefull for your service towards our Kingdom. You brought back my son in safety. Your troops are proving themself at our border, teaching my army new tactics."

"I hope they can stay a while here, Sultan Haran, as that would mean I don't need them in my own home. Peace in Eslandola is good for your war haha"

"That's true. I haven't rewarded you for your services. Please accept this coffin filled with the finest gold of Tellvok. We wish you all the best in your quest and we hope you don't forget to visit us when travelling back to your home"

After some more bows and fine words, the Eslandolans boarded their vessels. The Tellvokian forts saluted with gunfire and the Margot, Purple Reign and Prince of Stedor sailed out of Madin.


----------------- End of Chapter 1 -------------------

Well, this is the end of the first chapter. I know I wrapped it a bit up myself, but that is mostly because I want to proceed. Maps are found, a treasure is found and a gift is given by the Tellvokian Royal family. It is up to the game masters to determine what the first chapter yielded and where the maps will lead our adventurers.

Edited by Maxim I

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I'm liking the expansion of the world this story brings, and your building prowess gives us a framework of design to aim for.

All this discussion of maps, I wonder if Prince Damaximus has been made aware of the fact that translated copies of a significant portion of the Crahaish neh Triuri's Map Archive have been made available.

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