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Mobile Paper Plane Launching System mounted on the off-highway chassis ZIL-E167

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I’d like to show you the experimental vehicle for the Mobile Paper Plane Launching System (MPPLS)

The chassis is a modernized version of the ZIL-E167.      

This is the experimental vehicle for the Mobile Paper Plane Launching System (MPPLS) based on the modernized chassis of the ZIL-E167.



The launching catapult is mounted under the rear cover. It is capable to launch paper planes A7 or X110 (10x11 cm).

This catapult was the prototype for the one which was later used on the articulated off-highway Transporter.


For this chassis typical is the Ackermann steering of the first and last axle.

Similar chassis had been used for the ZIL-135, BAZ-5921/BAZ-5922 or BAZ-5937/BAZ-5939. Today such a chassis is used for example for the ZIL-4972.


Instead of two diesel engines this modern Version of the ZIL-E167 is driven by a single crystal energy converter which is situated right behind the cab. It uses the blue crystal recently discovered in a volcano.


In the aft section of the cab all the electronic controls for the catapult are located.


The tool compartment is located on the right hand side behind the cab.

Below the catapult there are some gas converters for the catapult, some more tools and a protective suit.


Here you see the crew doing the daily maintenance of the robust soviet technic.


With the discovery of this truck we know now the beginning of the colour scheme of the classic space series – the colours blue and gray of the popular LL-space ships can be traced back to this very first experimental truck. Furthermore the red glider of the space logo has it’s origin obviously in the red coloured experimental gliders ;-)


After the acquisition of the articulated off-highway transporter the ZIL had been converted into a platform truck and is now used to transport the cable crane cable crane in difficult terrain conditions.


Furthermore the playability with its large platform is much better.


The crane was built just to fill the gap between cab and side panels of the platform.



The truck is not a scale model. The only attribute connecting my MOC with the ZIL-E167 is the type of the steering.

The scale could be 1:40 compared to 1:45 of my 7-wide trucks (Truck Trial)

It is the third vehicle of a trilogy (different type of chassis, colours and windows) – the yellow articulated off-highway Transporter and the red multi purpose tracked vehicle


So long, as ever you find some more on flickr and I’m interested what you say!






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