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Hello, everyone. I want to introduce my first Explorer Robot. It's just a simple Mindstorms creation that started as a base to test sensors and motors.


I made building instructions. I'm new in making instructions for Technic models and I found it to be much more difficult than instructions for buildings. I had to spend a lot of time basically because of two things:

1. The cables are not easy to model.

2. The stud system is basically a two-angle-oriented system: Horizontal (180 degree) and Vertical (90 degrees). While technic beams can go in any degree.

Plus, buildings are built from the button to the top. Technic models are usually built from the inside to the outside.

At the end, I was happy with the result. But it's only a 306 parts model.




  • It simulates an explorer robot: It drives around and tries to avoid obstacles.

  • It can be manually controlled using the IR Remote: Drive the robot and move the head using the Remote.

  • In Auto-Mode the robot starts moving around with a mix of random movements.

  • The robot measures distances searching for a clear path, but it doesn't follow an optimal path.

  • It just moves around giving the impression that it's exploring.

  • The robot scans the floor using the Infrared sensor.







Full Inventory at rebrickable-logo-01%20mini.jpg   Building Instructions and .EV3 program at avatar%20mediano%20cuadrado%20NoAlpha%20



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22 hours ago, Aventador2004 said:

Nice to see a mindstorms moc, they are very sparse here. Nice test vehicle.

I've noticed that there are just a few Mindstorms models out there. Mostly bases/robots for FIRST Lego League (FLL)

Also some amazing but very complex machines. Really difficult to "reverse-engineer".

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