[MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

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The legendary durability of the 928 M.C.V.P created a storage and personnel problem for OrionBlu as replacement parts already in production vastly outpaced the need.  The stockpile of parts meant there was no room for replacement or production parts for other new vehicles or spacecraft.  OrionBlu decided to use the overrun of replacement parts to build additional M.C.V.Ps, but with a standard crew of 4, the new M.C.V.P would need to wait months to recruit and train new crew.  In order to counteract these issues, OrionBlu redesigned the crew compartment of the Maverick to house only a single pilot with the additional space converted to house an enhanced shield generator and two Omega class super computers used to automate the functions of the other crew members of the M.C.V.P.  This single crew version of the M.C.V.P was officially called the Mono Mega Core Vehicle Platform, of M.M.C.V.P, but the official name was not favored by field personnel who dubbed the vehicle the "Maverick".


The Maverick is slightly bigger than the M.C.V.P "Classic"- with the Maverick is on the bottom.



The Maverick also has a full suite of lights! 


This build also has power functions and complete SBrick remote control!  Check out the video of the Maverick in action!


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Really cool model, a great upgrade over the last edition. The addition of PF is awesome. :thumbup:

Are all wheels driven? Or just the two axles without steering?

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great moc! :wub:

i kinda like the combination of a non-technic set and the power functions. lego should release the moc. pretty sure it would sell very well 

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Looks great. I liked the original too. (I think I like the 3 pilot cockpit area better, but I like some of the extra stuff you added to the exterior on this version).

I've been wanting to recreate the M:Tron version only bigger and better (similar to what you've done here), but the Classic Space color scheme works really well here. Granted I don't have any yellow canopies like that, only dark blue and trans neon green, so I'll have to work with what I can.

A great balance of colors and greebles. That has been my struggle with taking inspiration from another classic LEGO ship/vehicle and making it my own while still making it recognizable. On one hand, I can make it look official (but that eliminates a lot of detailing and doesn't make it look as finished sometimes with how gappy the old sets were), on the other I can make it bigger/better/detailed and remove a lot of those issues, but it requires a lot more forethought.

Either way, keep up the great work! I like seeing your CS builds (and your castle builds).

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