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[MOC] Regional EMU

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Recently I was thinking about any regional or suburban Lego trains. Why there is so few MOC of these? Then I saw a review for 7725, and decided to build it, but in 8 wide. It isn't an exact copy of 7725, but it is quite similar.

All three carriages from a side


Front of the train. A bit ugly, as all trains in '90 (at least in UK and in Lithuania) :)

1st and 3rd carriages (they are same). You can see a green trash bin and tables for passengers. Also, there is a door to the driver's cabin.


2nd carriage. There is a toilet and a place for bikes. When there are not any bikes, you can seat there

But if a passenger with bike entered the train, he can unbend the seat and place the bike. Also, you can see an opened toilet door and the toilet itself. Very simplish, just for fact passengers can do their needs :D


And in colors of Lithuanian Railways + upgraded roof equipment :)


Thanks for watching :)

(I wanted to post a LDD file, but idk how to do it... So there isn't any :( )


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Nice. I can see the similarities with 7725. The front is really well done. Good job.

I only think that you can get the gap between the cariagges a little bit smaller. Makes it look even better.

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I looked at the picture before I started reading and thought: hey, that's just like that 12V commuter train from the 80's!

Maybe putting it on Jacob's bogies might help getting the carriages closer together.

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