The History Of Ninjago (Video)

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I have made a video titled "The History Of LEGO Ninjago". I think I might have made a mistake with a date here or there, but anyway, I'd love some feedback on it as I would like to make more/similar videos.

Any feedback good or bad welcome!


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Nice, and very informative video. I am both surprised and delighted that it didn't feature much of the storylines from the series, which - as far I can tell - are a bit... messy. This kept your narration focused and to the point. Good work! :classic:

To add an afterthought or two: I would probably have introduced the main characters in the video as well and given some brief characterization of each.

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addition of an afterthought had to be added!

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I love what you did here! It's a brilliant idea and I hope you continue doing it. Just like Littleworlds I was surprised not to see more of the TV show mentioned which is both good and bad in my opinion. It kept the video short and to the point but kept out some important details.

Here are the things I missed from the video:

  1. No mentions of elemental powers
  2. No mentions of introduction of Nya as a ninja
  3. No Dragons mentioned (molded vs brickbuilt heads)
  4. No villains introduced or explained
  5. Day of the Departed skipped
  6. No parallels between the show and the sets
  7. No mentions of games

I'm a huge Ninjago fan so don't take these to heart too much : ) The video is great, production is very good and you will only get better with time!

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