Modifying lego technic Arctic crawler to be 4 wheel drive RC vehicle

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I'm wanting to use the Lego Arctic crawler as a chassis for a robot I'm building.  I need to figure out how to modify it so it's 4 wheel drive.  It's the first set I have put together so if anyone has suggestions on how I can modify it to accomplish this I would greatly appreciate it.  It will save me a ton of trial and error.  I have the necessary power function motors I just don't know how to build the axles and such to attach the motors and make it function.  I know I need to order more pieces but I really don't know which ones I need.  I figured I would give this forum a shot before I abound the idea entirely and try some thing else.  Thanks in advance 


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...or you can simply use 9398 chassis and put 42038 bodywork on it. It does not have to be red chassis, you can make light bluish geay and it would look great. Just download 9398 / 41999 instruction and parts - list to see what you need :wink:

Wellcome to Eurobricks forum :classic:

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